On The Road

Never keep your feet planted on the ground. Life is best when you explore our round, green and blue, home and roam around.

A Day In My Life

Road Trip

Arrived to my other home, San Francisco, earlier. Excited to embark on my third year of my college journey and my San Francisco journey. I had a great summer in my hometown of Phoenix, Arizona with my loved ones, but at three this morning my parents, sister, and I drove down to the city by… Continue reading Road Trip

A Day In My Life, Memory Lane

Summer, Summer, Summer Time!

Drake was looking for revenge all summer '16, but I was looking for adventure, new experiences, fun, family time, and relaxation... Summer 2016 has been filled with so much essence, but it feels like it has gone by so rapidly. I had a great summer home in Arizona with my family. So, in response to… Continue reading Summer, Summer, Summer Time!

A Day In My Life

Barefoot Marathon

Due to incredibly slow buses and a very slow Bart Friday afternoon, I almost missed my flight. But, thank god I almost missed my flight instead of missing my flight because it would have broke my heart to have to call my mom (who always anxiously and excitedly waits for me to arrive when I… Continue reading Barefoot Marathon