Short Stories

Last Words.

I hope you die. That was the last thing you said to me. And then I did. My heart just shriveled up and crumbled like ashes. But unlike the Phoenix or Jesus, it didn’t rise again. Instead, I was pronounced dead and buried a week later. I was buried in the beautiful blue prom dress… Continue reading Last Words.

Book Excerpts


“Hey man!” My buddy Jacob said smacking the back of my head. It hurt coming from him. Jacob is about 200 pounds of mostly muscle. He has short brown hair, tan skin, and green eyes. “What’s up?” I smiled. We had just started lunch at school. Today, I was having the pizza. “Can you believe… Continue reading Daddy

My Poetry

Teen (Be One)

Pregnancy? How could you let that be? You're only seventeen. What about a degree? Posting pictures online... Thinking everything is just fine. I'm sorry, but I'm not saying congratulations. Having a baby while still a baby should not be a celebration. Get educated, not pregnant. Find yourself, don't try to find love. Explore, don't settle… Continue reading Teen (Be One)