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Muni Chronicles: The Phone-Absorbed Bystanders.

As I sat at the light in the Lyft I saw a crazy white guy (possibly homeless) harassing a black girl and no one said anything or tried to help or interfere except the other black girl at the bus stop. Didn't you guys just march in solidarity with us, or were chants for certain… Continue reading Muni Chronicles: The Phone-Absorbed Bystanders.

A Day In My Life

The March for Science is the March for the World.

I rarely get out of bed before noon on Saturdays, but today I was up early and out early because of a special March on Market Street. I hopped on the light rail and rode down to Civic Center where I began to see a plethora of lab coats and Albert Einstein wigs and clever… Continue reading The March for Science is the March for the World.

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Children are Aware and Weary. 

On my way home from the anti-trump protest on Market Street in San Francisco last night, I saw this little girl on the bus. She was at the protest with her amazing sign. Instead of words and painting my opinion for this post, I'm just posting the picture I snapped of her. Pictures say a… Continue reading Children are Aware and Weary. 

My Opinions

American Horror Story Season 7: Elections

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9ja3i9u2Og Exactly what YG, G-Eazy, and the rest said. Lol… Have not heard this in a few months, but it is so relevant now.   As you've all probably seen, a shocking president was declared last night. We didn't get our first woman president, we got our first publicly dangerous, unqualified, racist, creepy, spoiled, celebrity… Continue reading American Horror Story Season 7: Elections