My City By The Bay

Living in San Francisco has been a dream of mine since junior high. Now, it's a beautiful and rare reality complete with tons of pictures. 


In Front Of A Stage

In front of a stage is one of my favorite places to be out of the entire the world. If I had unlimited money, I would spend it all on concerts. 

A Day In My Life

A 7×7 Rare Gem

Something  that is rare to me is the city I live in. You don't just discover or stumble upon a place like this every day of your life. So many people from all over the world visit here and so many people from all over the world live here, and that is because it is… Continue reading A 7×7 Rare Gem

My Poetry


What is narrow? The cracks between the concrete squares of the sidewalk are narrow. As much as people are looking down on their phone, we never seem to notice those cracks...   They say if you step on a crack, you break your mother's back. However, if you step on a crack, you may just… Continue reading Cracks