A Day In My Life

Back to School!

I started school yesterday, Monday. Because of this dual degree program I am in, I take graduate classes while working on my bachelor's. Monday, one of my graduate classes started. But, since school didn't officially start until today, I decided to write my back to school post today. Haha I am now a sophomore in… Continue reading Back to School!

My Poetry


I fell so hard for you and it's destroying me. In a few short weeks you'll be across the country pursuing a degree. My heart is in agonizing pain! I can't get you out of my brain. Could we have been a thing if I fell faster? Maybe we could have. And maybe we would… Continue reading Falling

My Poetry


My heart is overflowing with emotions. It's like a shutter holding in rain and it's about to burst. I've taken a bad fall for you. I wish I would've fell sooner though. I don't care how much the fall hurts, because maybe, if I would have realized my feelings sooner, just maybe we could have… Continue reading Departure