A Day In My Life, In the Crowd

Illuminate World Tour: One of Those (Amazing) Nights.

See what I did there with the title? I used one of Shawn Mendes’s songs to describe that night. It was one of those nights that you never forget, and that you don’t want to stop living in. The concert was on July 15th at the Gila River Arena in Glendale, Arizona. That date had… Continue reading Illuminate World Tour: One of Those (Amazing) Nights.

My Poetry

Bedtime Story

Toss and turn, from left to right. Keep your eyes shut with all your might.   Blanket up, or blanket down. Keep your eyes shut without a frown.   Lights on, or lights off. And remember, keep your eyes shut you little goff.   …   You’re still not dreaming, so you repeat. And repeat.… Continue reading Bedtime Story