Memory Lane

My Educational Journey

When I was in the fifth grade, they found a dead body in the school cafeteria’s vents. That morning started off like any other school day. My friends and I went to the cafeteria to get breakfast, and there was just a nauseating odor floating through the cafeteria. We thought nothing of it. We got… Continue reading My Educational Journey

My Opinions

The Passionate Learner

Expanding my knowledge is very important to me. I love continuously learning new things. I believe one's brain always has room for new knowledge. Whether it's life lessons or academic lessons, I love learning. When I wake up every morning for school, instead of saying I have to go to school, I say I get… Continue reading The Passionate Learner

My Poetry

Little Charlie

This is a poem I wrote about Algernon from the famous book Flowers for Algernon. It was actually an assignment to create a poem my sophomore year of high school. And, I liked my poem so much that I decided to keep it and show it to the world years later. In the same wording and format as it was when I was in the tenth grade too. 🙂