It Was a Dark and Stormy Night…

Isabella: Hey. Jeniyah: Hi! Isabella: So, guess what happened yesterday? Jeniyah: Oh my god, you lost your virginity? Isabella: What? No. I don't even have a boyfriend– Jeniyah: You got into Harvard? Isabella: No. I– Jeniyah: You got a car? Isabella: No! Just let me tell the story. Jeniyah: Okay, go. Isabella: Okay. It was… Continue reading It Was a Dark and Stormy Night…


A White Man and Black Man Walk into a Bar.

INT: Dimly lit rundown bar.   White guy: Nigger! Black guy: Cracker. White guy: Jungle bunny! Black guy: Hillbilly. White guy: Jigaboo! Black guy: Juggalo. White guy: Ape! Black guy: Peckerwood. White guy: Nig nog! Black guy: What are we even doing? White guy: You started it! Black guy: No, YOU started it when you… Continue reading A White Man and Black Man Walk into a Bar.



INT. Diner – Day Zika: Spirit, what is love? Spirit: (sings) what is love, baby don’t hurt me. Don’t hurt me, no more. Zika: Spirit. Spirit: don’t hurt me, no mo- Zika: Spirit! Spirit: What?! Zika: I asked you a question. Spirit: What is the question? Zika: I said what is love? Spirit: (sings) what… Continue reading Haddaway.