My Poetry

Grandma Faye.

She was carried down to the earth on the sun on a summer day in May. And she was carried up to heaven on the moon on a cold, dark, night. She appeared in my dream one night, adorned in a purple dress, eating an orange Creamsicle. She birthed thirteen children, six boys and seven… Continue reading Grandma Faye.

Reader Recognition

Recognized Reader: Kori

Time to recognize a reader. Someone who’s been active, engaging, and supportive on my blog all last month and has gotten my attention… The recognized reader is fellow WordPress blogger, Kori!  (a picture that represents her) A Little About Kori:  She loves tostadas She loves animals, even though "she is probably allergic to half of them". Her… Continue reading Recognized Reader: Kori

My Opinions

The “Gimme” Spirit Has Replaced the Christmas Spirit.

Christmas is no longer about blankets of snow draped over houses and lawns, or a pile of marshmallows plopped on steaming hot chocolate, or holiday cheer being belched through the radio, or a chubby bearded man in a warm red suit.   And it is definitely not about the day they say is Jesus’s birthday.… Continue reading The “Gimme” Spirit Has Replaced the Christmas Spirit.