My Poetry

Grandma Amie.

She liked her coffee black Black like the curly locks that drape around her head. Black like the timeless, smooth, skin that hugs her bones. She was born in the thirties. And died in the nineties. She couldn’t get an education, so she made sure her three children did. She was born in Texas. And… Continue reading Grandma Amie.

A Day In My Life


As I said yesterday, I had a bunch of DIYs that I need to do before tomorrow that I didn't feel like doing myself. Today, I got them done! I painted my glasses I got at my housewarming. Unfortunately, one broke (not going to lie, I did it myself because I did not like how… Continue reading Phew!

A Day In My Life

Lots of DIYs, but don’t feel like doing them myself

My summer has ran by, and now the time has come to pack up my things from my old room (in Arizona), and go back down to San Francisco. I spent my first year in the city living in the college dorms (thank god since the city is so expensive and hard to get a… Continue reading Lots of DIYs, but don’t feel like doing them myself