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amie the author's Schedule

Here is the schedule for my blog posts! This is to hold me accountable for two posts a week, on Tuesday and Thursday, and also to give my readers consistency and awareness/knowledge on the blog posts each week…

Days with a smiley face next to them are days I will be posting, Tuesday and Thursday as I mentioned above. What I will be posting will differ and I will try to be versatile in the genre of the posts, so one day may be dialogues and another a poem and so on.


There may also be unannounced announcements on any day and holiday posts or special events posts can occur on any day.


I also do my Reader Recognition spontaneously when I notice an active reader and subscriber and engager, so stay engaged because you can be next!


Blog posts vary in topic, genre, length, inspiration, and more! It can vary from a fun post about a favorite shirt to a deep short story about mass murder and racism. There’s something for all readers. I mostly write fiction but also non-fiction in many different forms. All of it is unique and creative and personal in a way though. So, enjoy!


Thank you for reading!


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