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amie the author's Schedule

Here is the schedule for my blog posts! This is to hold me accountable for two posts a month, every other Sunday each month, and also to give my readers consistency and awareness/knowledge on the blog posts each week…

Days with a smiley face next to them are days I will be posting, Sunday (every other Sunday) as I mentioned above. What I will be posting will differ and I will try to be versatile in the genre of the posts.


There may also be unscheduled announcements on any day and holiday posts or special events posts can occur on any day.


Blog posts vary in topic, genre, length, inspiration, and more! It can vary from a fun post about a favorite shirt to a deep short story about mass murder and racism. There’s something for all readers. I mostly write fiction but also non-fiction in many different forms. All of it is unique and creative and personal in a way though. So, enjoy!


Thank you for reading!


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