A Day In My Life

Evaluate Your Luck.

You are luckier than you think if you have all your limbs and senses. Leaving the Westfield on the escalators and a blind woman almost starts walking down the escalators going up. The fellow on the escalators in front of me guided her to the right side. Then, once I get out of the Westfield… Continue reading Evaluate Your Luck.


Seat Warmers.

For every man in an expensive car, there's someone in the passenger seat.   That's today's one-liner! How do you interpret it, and what do you think about what you think it means? Comment below!    And remember to subscribe via email for priority access to blog posts, a cool gift, and other exclusive subscriber privileges and… Continue reading Seat Warmers.

A Day In My Life, Muni Chronicles

Muni Chronicles: The Man with the Bad Pancreas.

San Francisco is a public transportation friendly city. I don't know how to drive, but even if I did I would still ride the buses, the monorails, the trains, the trolleys, and the cable cars because it is simply so much easier to get around! Plus, you save a lot on parking prices. With public… Continue reading Muni Chronicles: The Man with the Bad Pancreas.


Guess Who’s Back?

Guess who's back. Guess who's back. Guess who's back. Haha. I'm back! Took a small break from my blog to deal with the new president, and re-create my schedule around my new semester schedule and work schedule. But I am now back, and even better than when I left! And here is my new schedule,… Continue reading Guess Who’s Back?


Sexual Liberation on a Jesuit Campus (video)

  Sexual liberation at the University of San Francisco, examined through the annual production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show with the theater director, David Pangaro.  https://youtu.be/MduKtSkfYuo Thanks for watching! How would you define sexual liberation, and what do you think about it? If you're in college, what does sexual liberation look like on your… Continue reading Sexual Liberation on a Jesuit Campus (video)

My Opinions

The Maternal Embodiment of the Patriarch.

When a mysterious foreigner named Count Dracula sails to England from Transylvania,   Victorian life is flipped, and traditions become flipped along with their lives. Women are not acting like women, and men are not acting like men. The blame is traced back to the impact of Dracula. Dracula quickly becomes a threat to Victorian… Continue reading The Maternal Embodiment of the Patriarch.


How to Commit a Crime (Video)

I just uploaded my first video to YouTube! A short poem I wrote inspired by Ta-Nehisi Coates and his book Between the World and Me. Please watch and share! I am also a victim to my allergies right now, so my voice may sound stuffy and low (I apologize). But i wanted to stick to… Continue reading How to Commit a Crime (Video)