How I Found Love

I have never really been in love, only with writing. But, almost a year ago I found out the definition of love. Love is such a fluid word, that can mean different things for each individual, but I think all of our definitions of the four-letter word meet somewhere down the road.   Anyways, when… Continue reading How I Found Love


What Did Juan Do?!

What the fu*k Juan? What the fu*k Juan? What the fu*k Juan? Juan. Juan. Juan... So, I was listening to The Heart Wants What It Wants by Selena Gomez the other night, and I could not help but notice that in the beginning when she's saying what the heart wants, it sounds like she is… Continue reading What Did Juan Do?!


Freaking Finally…

Back and forth. I have been going back and forth all Summer asking myself am I ready to expose my writing. Well, today I decided I am ready. No one will ever see it, no one will ever read it, there is no chance of it being published if no one sees it but me.… Continue reading Freaking Finally…