Hell Games

The sky was black. And the ocean was black. And I was surfing among the waves. Then I looked over, there was a guy on the boardwalk with a ponytail like a short and skinny palm tree on the top of his half-shaved head. We were the only ones near the water. That's probably why … Continue reading Hell Games


Meeting Michelle and Barack Obama.

I met the president and his wife at the White House last night, in my dreams. Ha. It felt so realistic! And, not the heinous man and his absent sugar baby that's in the office now, but the golden and fantastic Obamas.   I don't remember which class I was in, but we took a … Continue reading Meeting Michelle and Barack Obama.

Paralyzing Dreams.

Philosopher-Neuroscientist Antti Revonusuo in Finland developed a theory that states, “The biological function of dreaming is to simulate threatening events, and to rehearse threat perception and threat avoidance”. These types of dreams are called “threat simulations”, and these type of dreamers are said to survive more often than other dreamers… Imagine you open your eyes, … Continue reading Paralyzing Dreams.