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My name is Amie. I am 22 and I am a writer, a graduate student at my alma mater the University of San Francisco, an assistant for a lawyer, and an ever-evolving butterfly. I moved to San Francisco from Phoenix, Arizona four years ago, and being in the city has not only transformed me from a caterpillar to a butterfly, but it has also made me more excited about my writing with the plethora of inspiration and opportunities that resides in every crack and crevice of the 7 x 7 gem.

I am always writing with blood, sweat, passion, and love. I am currently working on a novel that I hope to finish and enter into the publishing world after graduate school.

I first discovered my passion for writing in second grade, at the young age of eight, when I wrote my first story, “How the Bat Got its Wings.” I have been writing ever since, and I love it. And, when you love something, you want to show it to, and share it with, the world. So, this is why I am here. To expose my writing and to share it with those staring into their screens around the world. By the way, what I post is my writing. And all of the pictures I post are my pictures I have taken because I want my blog to be completely me. It is from my brain, my experiences, my dreams, my eyes, and my life. And, they are all true stories and dreams I have had, except for the fiction, but fiction is in a way a part of us as well even though us dark writers do not want to admit it all the time. Ha. But, I am very proud of my writing and in love with writing. We have been married for most of my life. The topics have changed from bats getting their wings by helping with the groceries to deeper and current things like mental illness, blackness, gore, and more. Like me, my writing has also gone through metamorphosis.

More fun facts about me: I am a writer (a given), a Gates Millennium Scholar, a major bookworm, a book thrifter, a book hoarder, very analytical, nocturnal, in love with John Lennon, also love Justin Bieber, incredibly intelligent, a dreamer, terrified of ketchup, huge music lover, favorite place to be is in the crowd at a concert, unique soul, somewhat hippie, roller skater, sweetheart usually, I love Fashion (especially shoes), I really love shopping, I love animals especially dogs, I am drug and alcohol free, love trying new things, I am always going on adventures, I was born in the wrong era, I am into crafting and DIY projects, I am always laughing and smiling, I am a peace lover, a germaphobe, very family oriented, artistic, I love singing even though I sound like a goat with a sore throat, and I am one of a kind.

If you made it to the end of my pedantic short biography, thank you for reading. And, if you love reading, check out the writing pieces on my blog. I post a new one every other Sunday. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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