My Poetry

DAMN (inspired by Kendrick Lamar)

it was always

me vs the world:


buying hot cheetos and a fountain drink

a cashier behind a counter calling the cops.


walking down the street

a blind woman calling the cops.


laughing during a movie

a woman with popcorn calling the cops.


unlocking the door to my apartment

a jogger in the neighborhood calling the cops.


bobbing to music with earphones in on the bus

a bus driver calling the cops.


smiling at a stranger

a man in sunglasses calling the cops.


not waving to a stranger

a stranger calling the cops.


taking a nap in a common area after finals

a student from class calling the cops.


waiting for a friend in a cafe

a worker calling the cops.


having a barbecue in the park

a woman with a dog calling the cops.


the cops showed up every day that summer

until one day i found myself screaming


at the mirror in a hotel room

and a bellhop called the cops, then


i got Shot.

and no one called the cops.

3 thoughts on “DAMN (inspired by Kendrick Lamar)”

  1. Oh Amy, Ms. White and I talk about you all the time. We are so proud of the young adult you have become! We are inspired by you! So glad we reconnected after all theseyears. I knew you were special when you were in my 3rd grade class at Sierra Vista Elementary. Lots of Love!! Cathy Gomez

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