Where in the World has Amie gone?

Hi all! It’s been some weeks since I’ve last posted, and that is for many reasons. I’ve been doing some heavy editing on my blog, since I am getting deeper into my writing journey and would like to be published one day, because I am in the process of removing content I may want to publish in the future. I have also been working on the design for the blog. There has also just been a lot going on: chaotic semester just ended, rough fieldwork just ended, patchy semester of work just ended, been on a few planes, and will be heading to Belize in January.


But, the good news about this update is that I will be posting again! The content may be a little different (sometimes fiction, sometimes excerpts from my work, or things I will not publish) but it will be bigger and better!


I will now only post twice a month. Every other Sunday! Starting with next Sunday!


Hope you all stop by and read. Thank you all for your continuous support and encouragement.




Amie the Author.

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