My Poetry

Sonnet 2: The Blues

Sonnet 2: The Blues 

A blue butterfly landed on my

windowsill last night and I

let him in because you had the same eyes.


But his skin was blue

and yours was black

but your aura had a blueness to it.


Do you still feel that way sometimes



You never told me what painted you blue

but I noticed when it began to

seep through.


It was when your father left.


I am sure he didn’t vanish because of you

but I’m sure that because of him you’re blue


baby blue.


blue baby.


A baby.


It happened during a business trip.


Your mother forgives him. Do you?

Did you know?


Will it make your heart less cold, less blue?

To know the truth?


Was that butterfly you?


Are you still blue?


Decided to make today Sonnet Sunday! This is the second sonnet I posted today, the first was more traditional and mimicking the English sonnet, and this one is a more free-flowing and modern interpretation of the sonnet. Hope you enjoy, and comment your thoughts on the format! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! 

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