My Dreams While I Sleep

Hell Games

The sky was black. And the ocean was black. And I was surfing among the waves. Then I looked over, there was a guy on the boardwalk with a ponytail like a short and skinny palm tree on the top of his half-shaved head.

We were the only ones near the water. That’s probably why I thought he was cute. Then he threw up all over the wood in front of him. It was gray like the mood of the earth.
Then I looked down and there was a shark. Clearly visible in the bleak, black water. It had black spots that matched the specks of black in the sky. And it wiggled around.
But I breathed. And I think it noticed me. Or maybe I panicked before I breathed and it noticed me. But I tried to push in the opposite direction to get out of the water.
And I ended up flying high above the thick and gray water. Amongst the clouds. In the star-less sky.
I don’t know how much time passed by, but later I landed on another part of Earth. It was black and brown. No green or blue in sight. And there were puddles of lava and lots of aged and rough large rocks.
This place could have been hell. But it didn’t have a name. And I looked and there were four other people there, with wounded hands from landing on the rocks.
There was the typical resistant blonde with her arms crossed and the kind of jock-like cute guy with a vest and a v-neck and a pompadour hairstyle. Then two forgettable characters. Maybe another guy and girl.
Then music started and our clothes changed to different combinations of black and white. But my clothes were all black. Of course I was the leader and star of my own dream.
We began walking without any guidance or direction or instruction.
Our faces appeared as holograms in the crackling, red sky. We had tasks and games to accomplish.
It was like games. Maybe hell games. And maybe to win a second chance at life. I’m going to assume we were dead and say that was the case.
We all passed our first mission. Which was putting on our futuristic clothing made of a clingy and sweaty material.
But one girl in the group didn’t put on her outfit. She was the girl from Skins, but she said she played Carrie in the modern movie.
She failed her first mission. And half her body disappeared. Briefly. It was a slow flash. For a second all she had was bones, a heart, and head.
It was a warning. To follow the rules and to go along with the game.
If not she would have disappeared. We all helped her squeeze into her outfit. It was like a new skin. So tight and sleek and rubbery.
Then our next assignment began. We had to push things into a ditch. Music played in the background.
Big Jet Plane by Angus and Julia Stone came on and I cried because I adored that song and it had seemed like years since I had heard it. (I also have my slow tunes playing on Spotify in my sleep and it may have seeped into my dream from real life).
And we passed the second game. And I was starting to embrace this eerie and frightening occasion. And my group and I were all starting to bond. And maybe this place wasn’t bad after all.
But then I got a text message and I was pushed back into reality. And now I’m thinking about the dream and I’m wondering if it means anything that I died in my dream and I went to hell.
Hi everyone! Thanks for reading, and happy Sunday! This piece is based on a dream I had last night, and all the events are exactly what happened in my dream, except I spruced up the diction a bit to make it more compelling than just a straightforward story about my dream. But anyways, comment the last dream you had that you remember below! And subscribe! 

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