My Poetry


He will always be home.

The smell of that apple-scented candle lingering through the vents of the house

Shoes with muddy tongues lined up by the front door

Red, hot stove burners alive on Sunday mornings

Scratches and greasy fingerprints cluttering the worn porcelain bowls

Battered pillows covered in drool and old make up

Wrinkled and sagging black sofas

Ancient round and brown stains on the coffee table

Creaking stairs with every sole tattooed into its wooden skin

Old mattresses adorned in crisp, washed sheets living in vivid and polished bedframes

An empty toilet paper roll with scarce bits of paper like strands of hair

Or a dingy, water-spotted mirror with a lipstick kiss on its collar.

He will always be home.

Even after the lease ends.



Thank you all for reading! This poem was ignited by my professor, who told us to write a love poem without being cliche or predictable like a valentine’s card or typical love poem. Hope you all enjoyed it! Hope your three-day weekends have been well too! Don’t forget to comment your thoughts below and subscribe! 

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2 thoughts on “Residency.”

    1. Thanks for reading. And he didn’t ignore it. Haha. It was a class assignment that we turned in. The prompt (which we guided our poem by) was to write a love poem that was free of cliche just to get us to write something original about love. He liked it too.


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