Short Stories

Pain Scale.

I made the headlines for my performance in the burger shop yesterday, and I have already been turned into seventeen different memes (the worst was when they put my gnarled and blurry face from a still frame in the video on that gigantic green fish that hid pickles under his tongue in that one episode… Continue reading Pain Scale.

Short Stories


Twenty-nine thousand steps. I have been in the bar for two hours counting the steps on my watch, surrounded by purposeful puddles of vomit and accidental spills of liquor on the dancefloor. I haven’t had a drink. Just water, of course. I am just counting my steps. Twenty-nine thousand four hundred steps. A woman in… Continue reading Cardio.

My Poetry


He will always be home. The smell of that apple-scented candle lingering through the vents of the house Shoes with muddy tongues lined up by the front door Red, hot stove burners alive on Sunday mornings Scratches and greasy fingerprints cluttering the worn porcelain bowls Battered pillows covered in drool and old make up Wrinkled… Continue reading Residency.