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Becoming an Arizonan… After Moving Away.

I lived in Arizona the first eighteen years of my life. But three years ago I moved away to San Francisco. I never really paid attention until I moved away, but I was a terrible Arizonan, because I had never been to the Grand Canyon. Until last Thursday! I finally got to meet the Arizona gem. I have to send a huge shout out and thank you to my parents for making sure I made it to the landmark this visit home.


So how did this trip come about? I honestly didn’t even think of the Grand Canyon until I moved away. I lived in Arizona until I moved to San Francisco, and I began meeting people who would ask me about this landmark and tell me about their trip there and I decided then, I need to visit. Even my dorm roommate freshman year, who is from Russia, made it to the Grand Canyon before me. And it used to be just three hours from me. You just don’t appreciate or think about things until you’re gone. That’s what happened.


So, every trip back home I would mention driving down there. The winter and summer breaks would blow by, and the trip would not have happened. But, this summer (one of my last summers in Arizona, since once I graduate and start a career in San Francisco I won’t be spending them home) it happened. We decided to just go on a weekday, my parents and me. And it was an amazing little trip. We drove and spent a few hours there, then came back home.


We thought it wouldn’t be crowded because of the day of the week, but of course a tourist attraction is always busy. We got maps from the lady after paying the thirty dollars (thirty dollars to look at/experience nature that’s not even manmade) and headed to the South Rim.



We walked all the way along the rim, taking selfies and landscape pictures at every corner and point. It was a breathtaking view, and sparked such curiosity in me about its history and possible former inhabitants. It was nice just being in nature too, even though it was hot. The walk and view were good to us. We even saw squirrels.


We also saw very brave souls who took extreme and dangerous measures for the perfect selfie or profile picture. I love taking pictures, but there was no way I was going under the railing or climbing down on the rocks to get a cool picture. I was satisfied with what I took behind the rails. Haha.


On our way to another view of the Canyon, which was a twenty-five mile drive from the other (the Grand Canyon is huge) we saw a bunch of cars parked over in the dirt, so my dad pulled over and guessed that it was an animal they all were stopped for. It was. It was an Elk. It was so large, and it was my first time seeing one in person. I always see them when I am driving through the mountains and woods on Grand Theft Auto, but never in person.


The views and sights just got better and better with each step we took. At the next viewing spot we drove to, there was this historic Native American building you could take the steps up to and get a view of the Canyon and a lot of other gems. We spent time there, then we got food and took the journey back to Phoenix.


It was a nice trip. We caught heavy rain on the way home, but we still held on to the precious sights and memories gathered on the trip. The Grand Canyon seems like just a big piece of land, but it’s such a gem. It’s an experience and sight everyone should be able to see at least once in their lives. I am glad I finally got to experience it. I can check it off of my bucket list now.


P.S. I love my parents so much for taking a day out of their week to bring me down here. I couldn’t have asked for better parents.


Thanks for reading and seeing my experience! Happy Monday, everyone! Have you ever been to the Grand Canyon? If so, what was it like and what year? And if you have any places like this or state gems in your state, be sure to comment those below too! 

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2 thoughts on “Becoming an Arizonan… After Moving Away.”

    1. Haha. Thanks! and hopefully you made it back when you weren’t tired. Breathtaking sight. We were there for just a few hours. Didn’t think we’d be pulled in for that long, but it was great.


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