Short Stories

Dollar Bills.

Heavenly wore a green thong on the stage each night. She loved the way it matched her eyes, gave her chocolate skin a glow, and signaled a green light for the men in the audience. But more importantly, she loved the way it matched her favorite thing–money, honey. And she made a lot of it. One night of work could pay a month of rent, that’s if you were willing to take your top off and show the men your breasts, which she was always willing to do for the money.


It made her heart throb and fill with awe when the fiery and horny eyes stared and drooled, as she waved every money-making part on the stage above them, and threw all they could afford to throw before their wives would become suspicious of the withdrawals from their bank accounts. She never paid attention to their eyes, smiles, groping, or gratification. All she noticed was the dollar bills in their hands.


Mmmm. Money. She remembered when she got her first dollar. When she was three and had lost her first tooth her mom, Helen,  left a dollar and a penny under her pillow. Then when she was fourteen, her friend Diamond’s older brother, Davon, gave her ten bucks and a ride to the movies when she lost her virginity to him. Now, at the age of twenty-eight, she gets money for losing her clothes. The reasons and jobs for money always changed, but the dollar always stayed the same. It was her true love. She loved money more than her own son, AJ. He is in his bratty pre-teens right now, but she didn’t think she could ever love him more than the tasty green. She would do anything for the delicious dollar bills.


That’s how she met him– a big tipper who she couldn’t resist car sex in the alley behind the club with. At first, she liked it for the money, but then she fell in love with him. He drove a shiny, black Maybach and always came into the club when him and his wife got into a fight, which was usually Friday and Saturday nights, because he had a slick mouth when he would drink after work. His drinking was a problem. He liked the strong stuff that tasted like rubbing alcohol that came in the green bottle. The same green of his eyes, her eyes. She swears she would see serpents in his pupils when he drank. His tongue would become slippery and satanic, and his hands would become twitchy and hungry.


She began to run through make up like water, trying to cover the mistakes and rough nights all over her face and limbs. He would give her the money for it, because it was expensive. And it also protected himself. Money always fixed everything. That’s why she loved it. Every time she finds herself broken (inside and out), money knew how to make her look good, make her feel good. Inside and out. It was the boyfriend she always wanted.


Thank you for reading! As this week’s theme of green comes to an end, comment your favorite green object or a green thing you despise. And let me know what you think of this short piece in the comments below! And feel free to throw out themes you would love for me to do one week. Happy Thursday!

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