A Day In My Life, In the Crowd

Everybody’s Tour… Literally.

Live Nation sent an e-mail to my inbox with a presale code because I go to so many concerts. That was May. The show was just about a week ago– July 18, 2017. Everyone was like you saw Logic already! Why are you spending money to go again? I said, I saw him as part of the Endless Summer Tour which was a shared tour, it wasn’t his own tour. Artists are different when they’re opening for someone, when they’re sharing a tour with someone, and when they’re the headliner with their music and face being promoted and celebrated. And this tour was way different than the tour he was on with G-Eazy, YG, and Yo Gotti last summer. It was amazing. And I’m about to tell you about it all right now…


It was on a hot Tuesday in Mesa, Arizona that saw a few buckets of hot and unlovable rain. I went to the concert by myself. Any time I go to a concert that’s rap in Arizona (where I moved away from) I always go by myself. Concerts can be fun by yourself. But, I ended up meeting a buddy in line who also came by herself. She was from Sacramento (which is an hour from me) and was on vacation in Arizona and had to see Logic. I had to see Logic too. And I’m so glad I decided to go.


When I got to the venue, it was so packed. I got my ticket from will-call and walked around three corners to get in line. Everyone stood around in their logic merchandise taking selfies and talking, and the line slowly inched forward. Once we finally hit the last corner/turn, you could see the gold at the end of the rainbow–the entrance to Mesa Amphitheatre. It was a hot day, like every summer day in Arizona (except for the spontaneous rain and dust) and the packed arm-to-arm crowd and dancing usually produces the sweat, but everyone was sweating just standing in line.


We waited and waited and inched and inched, then I heard one of the Amphitheatre workers say, “there’s a girl line and it’s way shorter!” I said, “what?” Before he could even answer, zig zagged out of the cluttered line (which now that I think of it, was full of boys and a few girls who saw the end of the line corners away and just got in) and sped over to the girls’ line. Boys got out of the boys’ line and began running to the girls’ line. But, because they were doing pat downs, the woman made them let us girls squeeze by them and go first. I laughed inside. Haha.


I stepped inside the Amphitheatre and heat, the smell of kettle corn and beer, and flyers swarmed towards me. I went to the merchandise line which was short but getting longer each second, and I waited. Waited and waited. Inched and inched. It was moving incredibly show, but they had about eight people working merchandise like a show should. I got my usual souvenir–a shirt with (if available) their face or album symbol on the front and the tour dates on the back. I made sure to get a water because it’s too hot and I paid too much to pass out in the crowd. The water was more than a case of water of course, but it was so refreshing I finished it before Logic’s set. A weird side note, for some reason at the Amphitheatre they take all tops off of bottles: when you enter with your own and when you buy one of their drinks at the concession stands. I don’t know if they think we are going to try to make a bomb or what. I thought that was interesting though. I’ve never seen it before.


But enough about water, we all drink it. I found a nice spot not too far from the stage and stood anxious. I missed the first opening act in the merchandise line–Big Lenbo, but I got to hear him. His music is good. Lenbo is a cool guy, a rapper that let Logic sleep on his couch for some years when they were first coming up. The second opening act was Joey Bada$$. I liked him ever since I saw him on Wild N Out, because he wasn’t trying to be like all the other rappers of this era, he’s original and cool. I didn’t know the words to his songs, but I danced and participated anyways. Especially when he had everyone in the audience put up a piece sign for a slain friend. It was cool.


There was a break between the acts, and then the chants for Logic began to echo through the outside venue. His DJ, DJ Rhetorik came onto the stage and set his table up (and he has the most amazing style in the music world I have ever seen) then the screams really began. The music to his song Hallelujah, from his new album Everybody, began to play and I screamed, the people around me screamed, we all screamed for Logic as loud as we could. He came out in shorts (because it’s so hot) and a tour shirt and began to rap the song. Everyone began to push forward, dance, scream, and wave their hands all at once.


After a song or two, he did his introduction. It’s so sweet, down to earth, and unique. He always says his name and shouts out people in the audience. But, his big theme is Peace, Love, and Positivity. PLP. And he had us chant that. Then he had us look to our left, then look to our right and told us they’re our family for the duration of the concert. And that’s how it felt, like a close family. We all loved the same person and message and music. And it was the most positive concert crowd I have ever been in, and I have been to many concerts.


Someone in the audience passed out, and all of us in the crowd split apart and two guys, two strangers to the girls carried her to the front to get help. And then when he brought twin girls on stage to rap the encore and battle for his hat (I’m sure he planned the whole time to give two merchandise items) the audience shouted for him to get two hats. He ended up giving one twin the hat he was wearing, and the other a signed jersey, which is $70 unsigned at the merchandise stand.


It was sweet when he brought the girls on stage. It went viral on Facebook from one of the shows, and then I saw it for another show. So, I knew he was pulling people on stage every show for his song Gang Related from his first album, Under Pressure. If I was front row or VIP, could have possibly been me. But he always aims for the kids and others. It was cool too. The twin girls were fifteen. They accidentally said fourteen out of nervousness, I probably would have done the same. Haha. Then they rapped his song, which gets really fast in the end. But they stuck through it, and he and the audience encouraged them and cheered for them and amped them up. Then he gave them merchandise and that was the end of the show. This made it really feel like it was Everybody’s tour like the tour title and the album. The stage wasn’t just his, and the crowd was united.


He’s also always hilarious at his shows. He made a joke about the Magic School Bus and Ms. Frizzle. He and DJ Rhetorik said, “Ms. Frizzle was smoking that grizzle! How did a whole class fit inside the human heart? That’s crazy.” Haha. And the jokes and punchlines rolled all night. He also made a joke about the weather being great, even though it was in the triple digits and had post-rain humidity. He’s just a funny guy. The venue was full of not just peace, love, and positivity– it was full of laughter and smiles too.


He is very engaged too with his fans, and genuinely cares for those who are there to see him. He doesn’t just rap at his fans, he’s very engaged. He went around the crowd throughout the night asking people their names, asking about birthdays, and commenting about people that stood out. One guy towards the front he said was tall and asked how tall he was. He ended up being 6’11. He also sang happy birthday to a fan (after verifying it was her birthday from her ID, because of course everyone screamed that it was their birthday).


Another fun part about a Logic concert, or a concert in general is how people try to get noticed. One boy had a big toy dog and wrote that he was from France on it, and waved it around the whole concert. Another fan had a large inflatable fish that looked like Nemo. Then there was an entertaining fellow next to me that screamed (about six times the entire night) about a commonality that he had with Logic– being biracial. He kept screaming, “Logic! I’m biracial!” It was entertaining. Haha.


The concert was so fun. Completely different experience and world than when I saw him on the joint tour last year. He played songs from many different points in his career– from the first album Under Pressure, the second The Incredible True Story, and the latest Everybody. And everyone rapped along to every song. My favorites were: Everybody, Like Whoa, Black Spiderman, Take it Back, America, Under Pressure, and 1-800-273-8255. Then he surprised us with some amazing vocals during the show. He sings so good, he’s a true renaissance man.


The only thing I did not like about the concert was all the trash spread across the floor like confetti post-concert. That was no one’s fault but the concert-goers who didn’t think to clean up after themselves. They treated everyone like family, but they didn’t treat the venue like their house. Bottles, flyers, wrappers, oh my. I felt bad for the clean-up crew because it was a mess.


Besides that, the three hours were so amazing. I did not want to leave. Literally. A handful of us lingered around the front of the stage secretly praying for a second encore. AfricAryan was my favorite song on the album (and I am proud to say that I can rap it all, even when it gets faster ha) and he didn’t perform it. But that did not take away any substance from the night whatsoever. We lingered around the stage thinking he might say just kidding and walk back out onto the stage. But instead, the security made us leave. So, I treaded through the crowd to the car.


I was drenched in sweat and my throat was a little sore from all the loud screaming, but I took a post-concert selfie and replayed the night in my head on the ride home. Everybody’s Tour was literally Everybody’s Tour. Logic gave every single type of human being and walk of life a song and a voice in his album, Everybody, and with the tour he’s giving all the fans that same feeling of co-creation and humanity and unity and love and solidarity. It’s a wonderful experience. He’s sharing the stage, the time, the music and rapping, and the dialogue. He is my favorite rapper. I can say it without thought. I love other rappers, but Logic is my absolute favorite, and he’s changing the world one song and concert at a time.


This began to sound like an essay, but I did not want to miss a detail on the night because everyone deserves to live in that three-hour moment. It was magical. I cannot wait for his next tour. Next will probably be an arena tour (his first) and I am definitely not missing that, even if I saw him live twice now. I have started to limit myself to seeing artists live just once to save money. But logic is an exception to that rule, just like he’s an exceptional exception to the rap game!  Peace, Love, and Positivity. Thanks for reading.


If you like Logic, what songs do you like by him? And have you ever seen him live? If not, do you listen to rap or have a favorite rapper? Or can you think of a memorable concert? Comment it all below! Happy Thursday!

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