My Poetry

Do Not Touch.

She can wear what she wants.

She can walk down the street naked, and you still would not have the right to violate her.

If someone leaves the door to their house open, does that give you the right to walk in?

To caress their couches, examine their personal pictures on the wall, sleep in their bed, rummage through the refrigerator, or crash their party?

Use this logic for the body.

Consent is a door, and unless it is opened for you, do not enter.

She’s like a museum– a beautiful, powerful, inspiring, and priceless gem.

Every crack and crevice of her body is effortless art.

And you can look, but you cannot touch.


Thanks for reading! This popped out of my head out of nowhere while skating at Adult skate night at Great Skate in Glendale, AZ last night. Hope you enjoyed it! Be sure to comment and subscribe below! Happy Monday! 

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