Short Stories

Last Words.

I hope you die. That was the last thing you said to me. And then I did. My heart just shriveled up and crumbled like ashes. But unlike the Phoenix or Jesus, it didn’t rise again. Instead, I was pronounced dead and buried a week later. I was buried in the beautiful blue prom dress I wore senior year that matched the sequins on your bow tie. I tried to convince myself that you said I hope you dance like Lee Ann Womack, because we were at prom surrounded by loud music and dancing bodies and I couldn’t hear, but you didn’t. Those four words sliced through the laughter and fun and music full of bass and tortured my ears. My thoughts and your words screeched in my ears. And I ran out of the hall, struggling in the slim four-inches of heel on my feet, after you. And I died, because “I hope you die” is stronger than “I love you.”


Thanks for reading! This is a very very short piece inspired by a tv show I watched. Be sure to comment your thoughts in the box below, and also subscribe! Happy Monday!

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2 thoughts on “Last Words.”

    1. Yes. Very sad. On the show they said harsh words to each other and it made me think about why words can (and sadly often does) do to people. Words are weapons so we have to be careful before pulling the trigger.


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