A Day In My Life

Me vs Me.

I check the posts in the memories section on Facebook every single day, usually right around midnight when they change, just to see how I used to talk, what I used to talk about, and how I have grown over the years. I often find myself annoyed with my old posts from like 2011 and so on because the grammar was ridiculous and the topics were just as bad. On this day in the past years I went on a day trip to Mission Beach in San Diego, met Ronald McDonald at the Ronald McDonald House Charities Scholarship breakfast, shared a cute post about a service dog named Taxi who was included in the school yearbook for being there with his buddy every day, and I shared my favorite quote by John Lennon. But, one of those posts at midnight, almost twelve hours ago, that made me laugh.


June 6, 2011, at the age of fifteen, I wrote: 

“Those animal shelter commercials are too sad.”

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 12.00.02 PM

Just by looking at the time the post was written, I can tell how much I have changed. Now, especially in the summer when I am on vacation, I am not a fan of the hours before noon. I am nocturnal and have a sleeping schedule like an owl. Haha.

What I said is a true statement though, and it’s still one thing I believe. And the commercials are one thing that haven’t changed over the six years. They’re sad. So sad. With the trauma-stricken eyes, the melancholic music, and the shaking dogs. But, my opinion has changed so much since then. I feel with more reading or education or knowledge leads to more skepticism and questioning of everything. It could be just me, but I know the older and wiser I get, the harder it is for me to be vulnerable to information. Like John Lennon said, the more I see, the less I know for sure. That’s how I feel, the more I see (and read) the less I am concrete about.


So, 2011 me wrote:

Those animal shelter commercials are soo sad.

But, 2017 me would write: 

Those animal shelter commercials are so sad. I wish I could adopt them all. But I wonder how much money was spent producing this commercial. The cost of production could have been a lot of money donated to shelters that they are asking people for. And how much are these celebrities getting paid to be in them? Do the celebrities volunteer and work for free, or do they get paid? Do the celebrities donate any of their commercial salaries to shelters? What’s the agenda of those making commercials? Are these dogs actors or real dogs enduring pain? If not actors, why are they recording these dogs and not really helping them? What are those making the commercial doing to help besides the commercial? Do they get paid for the commercial? Who helped fund this? Is there a less expensive and genuine way to spread the word and save the world?


Ha. I can never just watch or read something. Ever. I analyze, critique, and so on. I like answers, but this isn’t necessarily about answers. It’s mostly about looking at how I have changed and grown over the years. Do you ever look at the memories on Facebook, if you are on Facebook? Share some of your favorite moments below! Who else judges and laughs at themselves about their past grammar and subjects of Facebook posts? And be sure to comment your thoughts on these animal shelter commercials and more! And subscribe right below!

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