Short Stories

Black and White.

  1. Black. Black. Black. Black. Black.
  2. Six bodies of black hanging against the wall.
  3. Dirty eye sores in a world of clean skin.
  4. Blackness–creeping up on me like a robber under the night sky.
  5. I can’t see myself in the whiteboards, because I see all of the black smudges that people have tried to erase.
  6. That I have tried to erase.
  7. Boom, boom.
  8. Seventy-nine
  9. I wish you were around for the good ol’ days when everyone looked alike– white and pure, the way God intended. Now there’s smudges of black, brown, red, yellow, green, blue, orange… and it’s ruining the white board. It’s making the white board dirty. It’s trying to mix with the white board. It’s no longer a white board. It’s tainted by all the colors.
  10. I can’t stand crayons.
  11. I can’t stand integration.
  12. Why can’t we self-segregate like them?
  13. We could make a town called white board.
  14. White board. I like the sound of that. Don’t you?
  15. White board.
  16. White power.
  17. I wasn’t talking about you when I said erase blackness.
  18. Put on some of your make-up and you can pass.
  19. You’re only a few shades darker than the whiteboard.
  20. Do you see yourself in the whiteboard?
  21. I still can’t see myself in the whiteboard.
  22. Do you see yourself in the smudges or the whiteness?
  23. You have my blood.
  24. You have my nose.
  25. Too bad you don’t have my skin.


Thank you for reading! This was an exercise we did in my writing class some weeks ago, which I just transformed into something else with the format/form. The exercise was to look at the whiteboards in the classroom and write about them from a character in our story’s perspective. I used the killer in my story, The Talk, who committed  a mass hate crime against a black mental institution, but he also has a biracial daughter. The numbering was inspired by another piece we read in class. Have you ever read any interesting stories that had this format or wrote any like this? Be sure to comment below!

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