A Day In My Life

Shedding of the Soul

I remember at one point in time I used to wear tie dye, colorful things, and all the colors of the rainbow. Now I wear mostly black and dark colors. I don’t know if my style has changed, or if my soul has. Does our soul depict our style? Does our age depict our style? Or does society and trends depict our style? I try to force myself to wear my old tie-dye shirts, but wearing it is just not the same. Am I still considered a unique dresser, or am I just blending in now? What does it mean if we blend in, are we copies or entitled to blending while still having our own identity? Who knew clothes could get that deep…


What about your style? What eras, colors, people, and other things inspire your wardrobe? Comment it all below! 

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2 thoughts on “Shedding of the Soul”

  1. Hmm… sounds like you’re searching. Just go with it…

    I always stick with earth tones… bright color clothing draws too much attention – as does anything ‘revealing’… *shiver* (Hey clothing makers! NO ONE LOOKS GOOD IN SPANDEX!)

    Still waiting impatiently for the return of 100% cotton jeans… 🙄 Say no to squeezing into jeans. It’s not natural. (I found some with only 1% spandex,.. guess it’ll do.)

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