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Adventures of a Bookworm: Humpday Happiness

I just found out that the Friends of the San Francisco Public Library hold a WEEKLY, yes weekly, dollar book sale on the steps at the main public library on Wednesdays. I go to their book sale every second Saturday, but they have one every single week! Oh my, my, my, my my. But, it’s good I just found out, for the sake of my bank account and my current shelf space for books. lol. But, since I will be out of the city for a few months, in Arizona for the summer, I had to stop by and see what gems they had today.

The sale is outside among the strong wind and the smiling sun. And it has a great view of City Hall and the busy traffic. I spent an hour exploring the tables of books.


I planned to sleep in because I finished my last assignment yesterday and officially began Summer vacation, but I had to go to the book sale, so I said I’ll sleep in Arizona. Haha. I woke up and went down to the book sale. It had a nice selection, some that I saw on Saturday at the monthly book sale at Potrero Hill, but I ended up finding six amazing gems. Most by authors and stories I have never heard of, but that hooked me in like a fish within the first page.

This is my last book sale for the next few months, unless I find amazing book sales like this in Arizona. These book sales have been some of my favorite events in the city. I started going to them freshman year. The first one I went to, I had a crazy bus story where I ended up in Daly City. Besides the cooky memories, I have met amazing people and found amazing and rare gems at these sales. Soon enough, I will have enough books to fill my own library, which is my goal. Haha. What I am trying to say is, these book sales are very important to me. I adore books and I cherish every book I own like children.

Here are the six gems I found below:

  1. A Gate at the Stairs by Lorrie Moore
  2. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
  3. Often I am Happy by Jens Christian Grondahl
  4. Don’t You Cry by Mary Kublica
  5. Sympathy by Olivia Sudjic
  6. Invisible Dead by Sam Wiebe 



What books or authors do you recommend me be on the lookout for at the sales when I get back to the city in August? Comment below! And comment and tell me about great book steals you have snagged! 


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