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What Happens After Happily Ever After?

What happened to Cinderella? Beauty and the Beast? The family on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? The kids in Suite Life of Zack and Cody? The Bernstein Bears? Rapunzel? Mulan? I love where are they now, reunion episodes, and endings like on the series finale of Parks and Rec because I like to see their future and get closure. A lot of shows end with vague happy endings. But I know their life does not stay the same as it did the moment the show ends forever. What really happens after movies and books end? Do they live happily ever after or simply cease to exist? We assume that since the characters have gotten what they wanted and fought through the action for that they live happily ever? But what if they live a normal life full of trouble, sorrow, and other human emotions. Or maybe they simply don’t grow up or keep living, they stop existing when we finish with them.


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4 thoughts on “What Happens After Happily Ever After?”

  1. I feel like the story ends and they want us to think that they’re living happily ever after. I feel like they purposely leave an open ending so everyone can interpret and imagine their lives as they please. That, and if they ever want to add to the story they’ll be able to

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  2. It depends on the story, and how well (thorough) the character and motivations… the plot… I dunno.

    Follow up movies and spinoffs and um… remakes? It’s a precarious venture…

    Better be greater than great… there is no in between.

    (For instance… there’s talk of a new princess bride… I’m terrified. Lol)

    And… oh yeah… recent bad example? The xfiles redux… 😕

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    1. Yes! I agree! With follow-ups it’s always should they or should they not? It does ruin the movie sometimes. Some things Ned’s so perfectly it should go untouched. And they have been doing a lot of remakes and it’s not the same.

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