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Muni Chronicles: The Phone-Absorbed Bystanders.

As I sat at the light in the Lyft I saw a crazy white guy (possibly homeless) harassing a black girl and no one said anything or tried to help or interfere except the other black girl at the bus stop. Didn’t you guys just march in solidarity with us, or were chants for certain bodies excluded from that march?


Like, she was ignoring him at first but then he became more aggressive and she said to “get the fuck away from her,” and that she would “call the police.” But, no one still thought to jump in except for the only other black person (another black girl). She just yelled or told him to go, and he did. Then he was arguing with someone from their car. Then he was arguing with people in the crosswalk. He was a crazy, and possibly drunken mess and no one tried to stop him but one person.


And if you were so engaged in the little lit up box encompassing your phone hypnotizing you that you didn’t see or hear (which I doubt), then you need to wake up because it could have easily been you.


Yes, he was harassing anyone and everyone once he left the bus stop, but he harassed her for a long period of time, yelling and cursing at her and even spitting out racial terms (black ass). Maybe people thought she could handle it on her own, but she said she was going to call the cops on him, that should have been a sign for others to jump in. I saw people jump in to protect a young white girl who was going to get kicked off the bus for not having her fare, but nothing for this young black girl. Why?


I mentioned the race of the girl who didn’t have fare and the girl getting harassed because it is key in the response. And many people may disagree, but it IS about race, because we all saw that American Airlines video where a woman with white skin was crying during an incident and a stranger was ready to physically fight for her while no one did nothing but record when someone got dragged off a plane.



You don’t have to fight, but you should speak up, or call for help, or anything. Don’t just stand around on your phone and let it happen. By being a silent bystander you are contributing to and maintaining the destruction of bodies of color.


You can’t march and shout then be a silent shadow when looking what you’re protesting in the eye.


Here are also a few pictures from the protest this afternoon:



What are your thoughts on this? Do you have any suggestions for what can be done? How might you have handled the situation if you were the girl, or a bystander? Have any incidents like this happened around you? Comment about it all below! And remember to subscribe right below as well. Thanks for reading. Happy Monday! 

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2 thoughts on “Muni Chronicles: The Phone-Absorbed Bystanders.”

  1. Amen… never know when faced with a situation, how we will act. Crazy guys at bus stops… well, been there, ignored that… (but, well, it was LA, and crazy dude was wagging his tongue at everyone… my only defense? A paper pack novel. It was pre-cellphone era…)

    Still… on the plus side? At least someone helped.

    Other than that? Come on people. *geez* I had customers at a bad-side-of-town gas station who went out of their way to take ‘shifts’ of hanging out with me when I was scheduled alone… very disappointing…

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    1. Yeah. Thanks for sharing. That’s something I’ve been pushing to do more, to not be a bystander. Everyone was loooking down on their phones and she’s literally screaming at him to get away from her and that she’s calling the cops. Then the other woman jumped in and he tried to harass her but she said don’t come near her.

      Bad things have happened to people because of cellphones. Falling into sinkholes, getting robbed, so on. People need to just look up. At least wait until you get on the bus because you can’t trust everyone.

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