Undercover and Armed.

I’m not racist but, who was that lunatic? I should have thrown his hands behind his back and frisked him. But then people would accuse me of racial profiling. There’s been enough war between white cops and the black community. I didn’t want to deal with the heat I would receive for questioning this dangerous … Continue reading Undercover and Armed.


Black and White.

Black. Black. Black. Black. Black. Six bodies of black hanging against the wall. Dirty eye sores in a world of clean skin. Blackness–creeping up on me like a robber under the night sky. I can’t see myself in the whiteboards, because I see all of the black smudges that people have tried to erase. That … Continue reading Black and White.

Adventures of a Bookworm: Building a Library

It's the second Saturday, and my returning readers probably know where I spent my morning and afternoon– Friends of the San Francisco Public Library's dollar book sale, held every second Saturday of the month! I had such a busy week, with finals and parties and meetings that I planned to sleep until 11:30 then go … Continue reading Adventures of a Bookworm: Building a Library