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Saw an Angel at the Oracle Arena Last Night (Na, Na, Na, Na).

After anxiously sitting and listening through classes until 6:25 pm with my concert ticket snugged away in my purse next to me, it was time to head to the Oracle to see Chance the Rapper on his concert stop in Oakland for his Be Encouraged Tour.

A breezy bus ride, a Bart hot and stuffed like a sick nose, and a walk around the coliseum I made it to the line. I arrived!


I tried to smuggle a mini bottle of Evian into the arena. Well, I didn’t try, I was successful. It was buried under books and papers in my purse from school that day, so the security must have never made it to there. I eagerly walked through the metal detector and got my ticket scanned holding my purse with the sneaky water tight against my waist, and I headed downstairs to the merchandise table. During the forty-five minutes waiting in line I did a small homework assignment from my phone, and once I finally arrived at the table, I got a shirt (which is a concert tradition every time I go to a concert, and I simply could not leave without a copy of his signature hat. My friend even offered to pay half she saw how much I wanted it. Missed the opening act, sorry, but got the merchandise!


Then, it was time to head to the seats. The arena was packed. Had to shimmy past people to get to seat seven and there was someone in the seat and she said the other two seats were taken as well. I was like, no. I have row six seat seven. Her ticket said the same. Then I realized, did not even bother to look at the section when we came down. Went across the stairs and there were the seats. Haha. Thought there was going to be a problem. (You don’t want no problem, want no problem with me!)

Then the lights dimmed and screams boomed through the arena. Chance the Rapper came out. He was so cute. He was like, “Hi, I’m Chance the Rapper. I’m from Chicago…” I was like aw. I love you, Chance even though I’m just a blurred blob of brown to you. Ha. The seats were great though.

And the show was great from them. I loved his unexpected stops and starts in the songs. One of the times he was like, “okay, I’m going to count to three.” I was like is he going to jump into the audience, what’s he counting to three for?! Then he was like, “see you’re talking. You’re not going to hear– a 1! 2! A 1, 2, 3! Jump!” And the crowd went wild.


I also loved how he was so passionate. He started some of the songs over because he said he didn’t want the night to be over. I was like, me too! Don’t go! We can stay here until the sun comes up! Ha. With his song Summer Friends, he started it over and had everyone do the “ooooh” in the beginning in unison without the band, and even told us how our faces should form the “o” haha. And, with the final song, he rapped it again. He said two times since this is the second stop in the tour! And, I think I might do it three times tomorrow for the third show. I just loved him. It was so natural and he was so I can’t even think of a word that can justify how amazing he and the show were.

Stephen Curry was also there in the suites area in my section. Before the show started everyone jumped from their seats and turned around recording and snapping pictures and screaming, and it turns out Stephen Curry was back there, someone told me. I did not see him though. During Same Drugs, I took a glance back at the suites and I saw him really dancing and jamming to Same Drugs. You’re a Chance fan too?! (There was a concert shirt that said, “you’re a chance fan too!”) I am sure Curry goes to all kinds of events at the Oracle since it’s his home arena, but his dance moves showed he was a fan of Chance the Rapper like the other thousands of people in the arena. Ha.


Then came the hard part–leaving and getting back to the city. Lyft was the choice of transportation. His car smelled really good also, like he had a Febreze item hidden somewhere. After a wonderful-smelling and sort of long and expensive pool ride home, I basked in the night. Chance the Rapper was so amazing–so human, so sweet, so talented, so loveable. I loved him before seeing him live, but I love him more now. I loved last night.


Do you know Chance the Rapper? Do you love him like I do? What musicians do you love, and what concerts have you been to that are memorable? Comment about it all below! And remember to subscribe!

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