A Day In My Life

The March for Science is the March for the World.

I rarely get out of bed before noon on Saturdays, but today I was up early and out early because of a special March on Market Street. I hopped on the light rail and rode down to Civic Center where I began to see a plethora of lab coats and Albert Einstein wigs and clever signs and even kids and dogs participating. I took the escalator up and joined the march. The March for Science on Market Street in San Francisco. It is more than just science. I may be an English major, but I love science and all that is is capable of. Where would we be without it? What would we know without it? How would we survive without it? It’s our strongest weapon, more powerful than any other force. And I will march for it any day. Many different walks of life came out for the sake of hypotheses and test tubes and chemicals and progression and anatomy and biology and every single thing science stands for and maintains. And Earth Day could not be a more perfect day for the march because mingling with Earth, getting to know Earth, sustaining Earth, and sustaining our existence on Earth would not be possible without the power of science.

Here are a few pictures I took of this miraculous, incredibly populated, amazing event.



Happy Saturday and Earth Day everyone!

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