It Was a Dark and Stormy Night…

Isabella: Hey.

Jeniyah: Hi!

Isabella: So, guess what happened yesterday?

Jeniyah: Oh my god, you lost your virginity?

Isabella: What? No. I don’t even have a boyfriend–

Jeniyah: You got into Harvard?

Isabella: No. I–

Jeniyah: You got a car?

Isabella: No! Just let me tell the story.

Jeniyah: Okay, go.

Isabella: Okay. It was a dark and stormy–

Jeniyah: Okay, stop there. Boring.

Isabella: But you don’t know what I was going to say!

Jeniyah: Any story that begins like that is going to be cliche, cheesy, and a waste of my time.

Isabella: Well, how should I start the story, with bitch or girl?

Jeniyah: Yes! Call me out of my name! That’ll get my attention! Now, try again.

Isabella: Bitch! Girl! You are not going to believe what happened to me today?

Jeniyah: What, girl?

Isabella: I got an A on that AP Calculus test!

Jeniyah: Boring.

Isabella: Bitch.

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