My Dreams While I Sleep

Meeting Michelle and Barack Obama.

I met the president and his wife at the White House last night, in my dreams. Ha. It felt so realistic! And, not the heinous man and his absent sugar baby that’s in the office now, but the golden and fantastic Obamas.


I don’t remember which class I was in, but we took a trip down to Washington D.C. and had a tour of the White House. The President and the First Lady opened the door, surrounded by guards, and our group of students filled in the entryway.


I was the only black student in the class (a common experience for me), so Michelle and Barack were drawn to me, and expressed their excitement that I was getting a higher education through obstructions and barriers.


Michelle Obama had called me Yvette twice, and I reminded her of my name. I said, my name is Amie. She pointed at me and said it, then she remembered. She was very tall in my dream. I am 5’7, but I was looking up at her like she was a basketball player. I know she is tall, but I am not sure how tall.


Then after the tour was over we headed towards the door in a single file line with four security on each side of us with their hands gently behind their back and the Obamas off to the right.


Then it kind of turned into the Oprah show. As we are about to leave the threshold of the White House, Michelle stands in front of the door and says we get to pick a cool gift before we leave. There’s a refrigerator type shelf, like you see in a grocery store and market, full of different gadgets. We could pick between: a red iPhone 7, a drone, an expensive camera, a laptop, and more.


The dream ended as I contemplated what I wanted.


I went to Washington D.C. for the eighth grade field trip. We did it through this company that made it kind of affordable, but we had a plethora of carwashes that contributed a lot to us getting there.

We got to see an abundance of history and the originality of the country. We saw Arlington National Cemetery, George Washington’s home, a cool interactive Spy Museum, Ford Theatre, and we saw the White House! However, we did not get to book to tour the inside, so we stood outside and took pictures and imagined ourselves on the other side of the fence with the luscious green grass and the big white house. I got to experience all of this at just fourteen.



That was 2010, just two years after history was made, and I was fourteen when I got to see our first black president.

I wish I did have the opportunity to meet them when they were the residents of the White House. They have definitely been my favorite President and First Lady, and not because we have the same skin color but because they were such an intelligent, scandal-free, real family. Maybe one day I will. Only time will tell.


I would love to go back to D.C. now that I am older and have even more knowledge on history. I will have to start planning that trip, but to New York first!


Hope you all enjoyed the post! Have you ever been to the White House? Have you met any Presidents? Have you been to D.C.? Tell me all about it in the comments below! Subscribe here

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