The Eleven Best Covers on Triple J.

I love listening to covers because I love seeing people take a song they admire and love, which I also love, and transform it by putting their spin on it. I hate when people complain and say oh they ruined it, or no one beats the original. The point of a cover is to not be the original, but to cover it with your artistic vision.  And it’s like, they are different and incapable of comparison. I love Triple J: Like a Version sessions the most because they have had some of my favorite musicians and very talented musicians in general come in and do wonders to songs in so many unique ways. I usually find songs I know or artists I know and there have been some big names on there and some classic songs that people have done. The first Triple J session cover I heard was “So Into You,” by Tamia and covered by Childish Gambino. That was last year. However, it was on YouTube so it still popped up in the margins of my YouTube page. Then before you know it, other Triple J sessions were popping up. I saw one that said Big Scary, “Come as You Are” on Facebook after I added Triple J on social media. I listened to it and was like oooooh. I love it. Then I went to YouTube and listened to it again. Then more covers were popping up in the margin and before I knew it, I’ve been listening to Triple J sessions all weekend. And, today as well. Here are my favorites musicians have done on Triple J: Like a Version, and in no particular order:


Read My Mind, The Killers, covered by Catfish and the Bottlemen. 

I never heard of Catfish and the Bottlemen until this popped up in the margins, and I love The Killers, especially this song, so I clicked play and I was blown away. I love how he messed up and acknowledged it, then continued like nothing happened. I also LOVE the little snippet of Ignition by R-Kelly they give us at the end. I love the cover so much.

West Coast, Lana Del Rey, covered by James Vincent McMorrow. 

I absolutely adore James, so of course I clicked this song. I love his voice and he made the song so mesmerizing and hypnotizing with his unique and beautiful voice. I love him so much. Please go on tour soon.

Come As You Are, Nirvana, covered by Big Scary.

This cover was mind-blowing. Man. I could totally see this on American Horror Story. It’s so haunting and chilling and hypnotic with the instruments they used. What a great twist.

My Boo, Ghost Town DJ’s, covered by Flume, Vince Staples, Kucka, Ngaiire, and Vera Blue. 

I love Flume. Every single song he does is fantastic, so I was excited to hear this cover and he definitely did not disappoint. I love the unique and almost modern or electronic beat he gave the song. And, Vince Staples’s rapping was great too. I listened to the song five times this morning. Not kidding.

Teardrop, Massive Attack, covered by Aurora. 

She has such an amazing voice. I definitely went and looked up her music after listening to her cover. She did such a great job.

Big Jet Plane, Angus and Julia Stone, covered by Tuka and Thelma Plum.

Big Jet Plane is a song I adore. It is so soothing and I love listening to it when I’m laying in bed or staring out the window. And, I never heard of Tuka or Thelma Plum and I thought they were going to take it the slow way and hit the high notes like Angus, but instead they electrified it and sped it up a little, but still kept it fulfilling and harmonious, and it was so good. I loved the beat and the rapping spin on it. And, that unique instrument the guy used with the two remotes dancing in the back was so cool. This is great.

Enter Sandman, Metallica, covered by Art vs Science

What an intriguing spin on Metallica. I loved that robotic autotune that popped up here and there in the song. I loved the weird and electronic and funky spin on the hardcore song.

Hello, Adele, mixed with King Kunta by Kendrick Lamar, covered by The Rubens. 

I saw King Kunta and I got excited because I would love to see an acoustic cover, however, they just used the beat from King Kunta and the words of Hello. I was waiting for somewhere in the song to hear, “bitch where you when I was walkin'” But even without the powerful lyrics of Kendrick, the mash-up was still amazing. The singer has a great voice. This blend is very unique and interesting as well.

So Into You, Tamia, covered by Childish Gambino. 

It’s always interesting to see what songs artists choose to cover because you get an insight into their music taste and even into their personalities a little bit. Childish Gambino was amazing. He is such a great singer. I love how slow and sweet and raw it is.

Day N Nite, Kid Cudi, covered by Just a Gent. 

The rap covers are always the best because it’s like how are these obviously not rappers going to transform the song with their genre? Just a Gent’s beat is fun and the violins are a nice touch to it. I loved it. Turned it into a dance song.

Get Lucky, Daft Punk ft. Pharell, covered by San Cisco. 

I loved this cover because he was great on the vocals and that girl on the drums was so cool and just contributed so much to what made the beat amazing and unique. I have been wanting to learn how to play drums for a few years now, and to see her going back and forth with drums and bongos was like go girl! Ha. I loved the contrast between the two beats and the build up. I also loved that they included another Pharell song at the end.


Many have been on Triple J and have done great covers, but these were my eleven favorite. I was going to do ten, but I couldn’t leave out San Cisco. To listen to more of the covers artists have done on Triple J, click here!


What covers of songs do you love, if any? Thanks for reading! Happy Monday! 


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