A Day In My Life, Memory Lane

How I Count My Years

John Lennon said, count your age by friends, not years; count your life by smiles, not tears. I agree not to put a numeric value on age, but instead of smiles and tears, I count my years a little differently. Here’s how:

  1. By my crush on Justin Bieber–it has become weak over the years, although I still love him. I used to say I would marry him in a heartbeat if I could, now I don’t think I would marry him even though I still am a major belieber.
  2. By what I like in men–instead of just “sexiness” I love intellect, activism, passion, purpose, book lovers, wisdom/knowledge, and internal possessions.
  3. All the bills that are taken out of my account each month with automatic pay.
  4. The conversations I have with my parents and siblings.
  5. The fact that I now have a stocked medicine cabinet (with bandages, medicine, and rubbing alcohol) in my bathroom.
  6. How my writing has changed– the first big story I ever wrote, in the eighth grade was called “Happiness on the Other Side of the Rainbow.” In the title alone you can see how bright and happy and sweet (and cliché) my writing was. Now I write stories about real issues with bleak themes and dark scenes and a lot in-between.
  7. I now prefer the explicit versions to songs, because I feel the censorship butchers the song.
  8. How I format my emails (formally)
  9. The television shows I watch. Yes, I still love the raunchy “reality” shows, but I also love deep and thought-provoking television shows and just older shows like Flea Market Flip and all other HGTV shows, Impractical Jokers, Say Yes to the Dress, and so on.
  10. By the height of my shoes. I used to always say I would never wear heels because they are hard to walk in, and because I am tall, but now I love a few inches here and there. Never heels too high or thin, because they are still hard to walk in, but chunky and/or small heels I buy more now.
  11. The things I post on social media. I am so embarrassed by the dumb stuff my young self would post on Facebook. Not just the grammar, but what I was saying was so not something I would do now. Haha. I used to talk about boys and weird things. Now I talk about school, work, politics, life, and etc.
  12. The checklist of classes. I am down to just a few more classes, then next Spring I will be graduating! (Whooooo!)
  13. What I order at restaurants. I used to be one of those people who would go to a Mexican restaurant or a new restaurant and always order chicken strips and French fries. Now, I like to try new things and will order something new, especially from a cultural restaurant.
  14. How I feel around high school kids and younger. When I go to work or when I visit my old high school, the distinction is loud. I feel so old, or not old but so different from them.
  15. My middle school/high school obsession’s death. Twilight was a big part of my adolescence, and now kids do not even know what it is. It shows that it died out and was a long time ago, which means I am aging, unlike the Cullen family and the rest of the vampires.
  16. All the subtle things I catch around me whether it’s hidden advertising, allusions, messages, jokes, or more.
  17. My firm beliefs and stance on different subjects, and my ability to argue and stand up for them.
  18. The books I read. I used to be into mostly romance and happy endings, now I think happy endings are cliché and unrealistic. I like dark, raw, and real books now. I even read a lot of autobiographies and memoirs now, which I never did as a kid.
  19. My relationship with sleep. Kids hate sleep, and I do not get it. I would love being able to sleep as much as them. But, in adulthood you can’t. I never loved sleep until probably when I started college. And, although I am nocturnal, I love sleep and try to get as many hours a day as I can.
  20. The things I carry in my backpack or purse with me. Trust me, I will still sacrifice my comfort for fashion, but living in San Francisco I always make sure to have a jacket in my backpack. The same goes with traveling, even to a hot place. I also keep hand sanitizer, tissue, eye drops, and a pen in my backpack/purse.
  21. Simply every factor of myself and my growth that is not numerical.


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