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How Sausage Party is a Religious Film.

DISCLAIMER: Full of spoilers, so if you have not watched and plan on doing so (it is on Netflix) then stop here.

I know I’m probably late to the party, the Sausage Party that is, but I actually found the movie to be quite thought-provoking. From the previews I thought it would just be a fun and silly hilarious movie with no context, but it was very deep. Beyond the crazy homicidal jacked douche and the naked food cursing , having sex, and being completely shocking and hilarious animations, it is a fantastic movie about religion and the afterlife.It blew my mind the way John Milton’s Paradise Lost did.

It could have been just a crazy high vision of  Seth Rogen’s, but I watch movies way differently than the typical viewer, and I found a lot of religious innuendo that made the movie a thought-provoking, satirical, masterpiece. I have been sort of skeptical about God for some years now, and I really resonated with all of the ideas of religion and God in the movie. Here’s a list of all the religious themes and ideas I found in this movie about groceries:

The humans are represented as Gods, but what humans are in reality is the groceries. The groceries represent religious people, or humanity in general.

The food talks about the Great Beyond like a heaven and their eagerness to make it to heaven with their Gods, the humans, but the food is really humanity and the humans are the Gods humans believe exist in the afterlife.

The bun and hot dog are the perfect religious people. 

The two main characters in the movie are the perfect religious couple. They were pure and “fresh”. They even held off on marriage until their visit to the Great Beyond, only touching “tips”. They were inside of the package living by the rules to be loved and accepted and welcomed in by their God.

The Great Beyond is heaven. 

The groceries all talk about leading a life to be picked to go to the Great Beyond which is heaven.

Nakedness to represent Adam and Eve. 

The bun and hot dog in the movie are like Adam and Eve, the “perfect” example of how to behave and living naked and purely in their grocery store Eden.

Cracker aisle represents the whitewashing of God. 

The Native American grocery item in the movie talks about how they were the original item on the aisle until the crackers came in and took over their aisle. It also represents how God has been whitewashed to create the superiority of white people. Some believe God was black. Some believe he was other things. But, the popular image of God is a white man because white men have taken and claimed God as their own.

Different and possibly all wrong ways to obtain God. 

The movie talks about how the idea of God has been used to do horrible things, and people are often thinking they are doing things to impress God or use God as a justification. It talks about the Hitler food aisle and how he and his group hate the juice aisle (if you pronounce it, they are subtlely saying jews).

The non-perishables represent Atheists. 

There’s food in the aisle that is pretty much immortal and do not expire and hang around in the back of the store. None of them believe in the God, they all know the truth. They represent Atheists in a way, in how they did not conform to the idea of a God.

The Great Beyond is a creation of our own. 

The Native American non-perishable later says he and a few others created the Great Beyond to get everyone’s hopes up, because at first all the groceries screamed as they would be picked because they knew once they left the store, beyond was death and destruction and murder aka the end.

Those who suffered created God to cope.

The non-perishables seemed like all of the oppressed, well not all oppressed groups but different groups of oppressed. There was a black man, a Native American man, and a gay man (the Twinkie had to be). They say over the fire that they created the God. I took it as they created this God to help cope through all of the strife and pain they endured.

Then it was taken by the “crackers” and the rest of the world.

This invention by people of the color and other oppressed groups was then taken by white people and claimed as their own. This refers back to the Native American talking about the cracker aisle.

The image and beliefs of God has been remixed and molded to fit the beliefs and ideas of a person and their motives. 

The non-perishables then explain how they created this idea, but it was stolen and blown out of proportion by different groups. The different foods began to use different gods and different beliefs and ideas that fit their ideas and motives. This ultimately led to a separation between the different people.

God is a separation. 

Like mentioned in the previous theme, they talk about God as a separation. People are separated by the different Gods they believe in and whether or not they believe in a God instead of all living peacefully together, they are at war over this idea.

The dark aisle is the enLIGHTenment aisle. 

The hot dog, Frank, goes down the dark aisle, which is kind of a light aisle because it’s when he sees the reality of his fate. This aisle has all the knives, cook books, and other tools used to kill and eat the groceries.

The hell is in heaven. 

The Great Beyond turns out to be hell. The groceries find out that this life beyond their everyday one is not perfect and beautiful–it is dark and scary. They get killed and eaten, and the Gods do not care about them.

Death is the end. 

In the movie, they find out there is no perfect and harmonious and amazing life with God after they exit their realities. They find out their destroyed and killed and their life ends their. There is nothing after death in the movie.

Life is guided by something non-existent. 

I believe it is the main hot dog, Frank, who at one point in the movie says their lives are guided by something non-existent because their God turns out to be fake.

It’s simply  bullshit you can’t explain. 

They call God and the afterlife “bullshit you cannot explain” towards the end of the movie.

Being rational. 

The idea of ration and virtue and being close to God through being rational. Philosophers said it, everyone says it. Humans are expected to live a rational life just like the groceries.

“Out of the package” means not conforming.

The hot dogs and buns are packaged in the movie. They call themselves fresh and pure virgins who have been swallowing their temptations until they get to the Great Beyond. However, when a disarrayed mustard returns from going home with one of the Gods, a bun and hot dog (the main characters) leave their packaged, their bubble of purity and embark on a journey that rids them of their innocence.

Rules and desires and obstructions due to God. 

The biggest desire in this movie is sex, and the hot dog and bun repress their desires because they feel it will taint them and prevent them from being welcomed into the Great Beyond by God. This is like with humans and sin and commandments and rules. People hold off on different desires like sex, alcohol, money, and other things to maintain a perfect image for God.

The douche represents guilty religious people. 

The douche was an interesting evil character. Oddly enough, he did not remind me of Satan. Instead, he reminded me of religious people and how they can become monsters when they are led to sin by others. The douche was happy to be going to the Great Beyond with the God and then it was ruined for him by the hot dog and bun, so because of that he spent the whole movie trying to destroy them and killing many others along the way. Humans, when they sin or if they feel like they did something wrong, they like to blame it on others and embark on revenge instead of just asking for forgiveness or anything. One can maybe even make the argument that the douche was never religious at all. (By the way, I loved his name and I could not help but to think of The Douche from Parks and Rec the whole time, who may have played him because he was listed in the cast).

The douche also represents individuals that try to take on the role of a God. 

In the end, he turned out to not be seeking revenge for missing his chance to get into the Great Beyond but he calls himself God. It reminded me of psychotic individuals who try to assume the role of God. He killed, he controlled others, then he tried to take on the role of God. (by the way, is murder and control characteristics of God?)

Disobeying the Gods and damnation. 

The movie talks about what happens when you disobey the gods and how it destroys your fate. The hot dog Frank is told to change his path and get back on the right track as a religious man(?) or bad things will happen. Humans are taught if they sin or are evil or bad beings they will go to hell.

Journey of God. 

In the movie the pure and perfect hot dog and bun go on a journey. One goes on a journey and becomes enlightened and loses his religion. The other faces many temptations but does not give in and maintain temptation. Then there’s also the abnormal hot dog who goes on a journey in the Great Beyond who finds out the truth then returns to save everyone at the grocery store. All of them had different journeys that changed them that ended with different ideas of God. Humans also go through trials and tribulations and revelations on their stance on God and how it directs their life.

Trying to fit back into the package after becoming open/tainted. 

The perfect and pure hot dog and bun leave their “package” in the beginning of the movie, and the bun who refuses to believe in everything she finds out about her God tries to go back into the package at the end of the movie, but she no longer fits (in many different ways). She was no longer able to regain her role in religion because she left and tainted herself just like with humans who drop religion and then try to go back to church, they still wear their sin and whatnot. Which is why they ask for forgiveness or something.

Fighting against the Gods.

They decide to try to control their fate by fighting back against the Gods. Is that even possible? If they exist I am sure that have super strength. In the movie their bubblegum Stephen Hawking and the abnormal hot dog and all of the other items came together to defeat the Gods and take control of their lives and fates. However, it took all of them. Just like it would take all of humanity to eradicate something so big and so old of a tradition.

Physical evidence cannot omit the idea of God and the strive to be with God.

They say physical evidence cannot rid humanity of their belief in something beyond–God. The hot dog, Frank shows them a book of evidence that shows the Gods killing the groceries with pictures of their slaughtered friends and they still did not believe Frank that God was bad and the Great Beyond was a fraud.


The hot dog Frank starts to discredit the idea of God throughout his journey in the movie and the other groceries tell him he can redeem himself and re-gain his religion to win his bun back and to make it to the Great Beyond. Humans often talk about redemption and forgiveness with God in hopes of still making it to heaven.

God is a monster. 

They portray God as a monster. They find out this image they have been living their life for and trying to be accepted by turns out to be a monster who just uses them and disposes of them like trash in the end. They had high expectations for this image they guided their lives by, and it turned out to be a destructive disappointment. Their idol murders, controls, and mocks.

The deformed/abnormal one represents Satan. 

The hot dog with the abnormalities represented Satan to me. He was the one who was picked on by all the other hot dogs, but he was the one who was “chosen”/eaten by the human/God. It’s like he was Satan, a fallen angel who in the end saves the groceries. Is this saying Satan is going to save us from God? Who knows. No one knows. I don’t know. I just thought it was interesting the parallels between this hot dog with a slanted tip/head and Satan the fallen angel who was doomed to hell.

Eden is omitting God and everyone coming together in harmony without the existence of sin, rules, and expectations. 

In the end, the groceries find their paradise in the grocery store exists without the presence of a God. They all live together freely with no rules or judgement or expectations, and they are happy. And they don’t realize it but they are probably going to expire a few days after the movie ends and meet their end, but they are not thinking about their fate, they are simply living life the way they want.

Life is just one big free and genderless orgy without God. Ha. (It was a very great ending). 

After the war with the Gods, the groceries all have one large orgy. The perfect hot dog and bun finally have sex, then the lesbian taco who was in love with the bun joined in, then the halal and the bagel started having gay sex, then it just became one large crazy food porno. This made me think, without God or without rules and expectations life would be one big orgy where humans give in to their instincts and temptations which is often to have sex. Or, it’s saying that humans would have no control or rules without the idea of a God. But, shouldn’t life be this way?


Ultimately, religion and/or God is a construction of our own to cope with our life and fate. 



So, yes a movie about food turned out to be very deep and enlightening. I gave it five stars on Netflix. Seth Rogen is a genius. Now I wonder, does any of this relate to our reality? Do grocery items have lives of their own? Do they think of us as Gods? What about our God? Is he a monster? Is he real? Did we create him? What happens once we exit the realms of our realities? Hm. Only time will tell…

Thanks for reading! I would love to read your thoughts in the comments below!  If you saw the movie, let me know what you think of it! And subscribe here for subscriber rewards and privileges! 


4 thoughts on “How Sausage Party is a Religious Film.”

  1. LMAO. I so want to see this movie now:

    “Cracker aisle represents the whitewashing of God. ”

    hehe… Takes me back… to that one day, in the grocery store when some poor soul saw the opportunity to make a brand of saltines called “Georgia crackers”…

    I, of course, burst out laughing, and said in my best southern drawl, “Oh my, I am sooo offended…” At which point, I looked up, and this black man had just turned to come down the aisle towards me, in full view, and hearing of my lament.

    Too funny.

    I blushed.

    We both laughed.

    I will be watching this movie now… THANK YOU! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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