A Day In My Life, In the Crowd

Trying to Come Down from a Concert High.


Friday was my university’s annual concert, Donaroo! The performers were winners of the school DJ competition, two of the school dance groups, Giraffage, and ANDERSON .PAAK! (yes lawd!).

I think most of the cost of the concert is included in tuition or fees we pay, but the concert was still very cheap for the performers we got. I got my ticket early, so I only paid five dollars. So, I got to see one of my favorite musicians for only five bucks along with Giraffage and intermission shows.

With it being on a Friday night, I had to rush to take my stuff home after my class then rush back to the school. On the bright side, because I already had my ticket, I got to walk straight in.I was in the second row, so close to the stage, and front and center. I was so anxious for Anderson .Paak.

Giraffe was the opening act. I had never heard of him until the school’s Campus Activities Board (CAB) announced him as the opening act. He was really good, and really cute. Ha. His graphics during his set were amazing too–pizza and cats and dogs and dancing aliens and hearts. He was great. I am a fan now.



The concert got a little wild though. I have been to many, many, concerts, but none have ever gotten so wild before. I don’t know if it was because it was a bunch of college students or what, but people were about to fight. Even I was getting angry, and I am a peaceful person. People kept pushing and trying to get in front of people that I just wanted to start swinging my elbows, but I was not getting kicked out before Anderson .Paak. Some guys even wanted to start a mosh pit, I said hell no. Ha. It was so packed and rowdy, it was actually kind of souring my night.


However, my mood lifted when Anderson .Paak came out. I love his voice so much, it’s so unique and sweet. He performed my favorite songs too: “Am I Wrong”, “Come Down”, “The Dreamer”, and “The Season|Carry Me”. He is a great performer–his dance moves, getting the audience hyped, and running from the drums to the front of the stage.

He is great on the drums too. Speaking of drums, he threw his set of drumsticks in the audience. Everyone went crazy. Where he threw them was right behind me, so my eyes followed them. I noticed one of the skinny wooden sticks on the floor. I screamed, pushed through people, and dove to the floor to grab it. I got it! I got one of Anderson .Paak’s drumsticks! I lost my spot in the front, but I didn’t care. I got something way better.


Getting his drumstick completely changed the night for me. After that, I didn’t want it to end. I was dancing, waving the drumstick in the air, and singing my heart out along with him. He gave us an encore, but then the magical night ended at ten. As I left, drumstick tight in my hand people were giving me high fives and praising me for getting a drumstick, but they had no idea how I risked my life to get it. Haha. I am going to keep it forever.


Best five bucks ever spent. Best souvenir ever. Best night ever.

And, I still have my drumstick, so it wasn’t just a dream!

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