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Get Out: Leaving the Theater with a Numb Body and Jumping Mind.

I finally made it to see Get Out last night, and wow. It was such an amazing movie. It was so deep, chilling, and thought-provoking.  Living in San Francisco, you are always going to be in a theater full of white people, but it was such an interesting experience watching this movie in particular with  99.7% white audience and 0.3% black audience. It was even more interesting because right next to me on the left was an old white man. You can say race is not important, but for this movie it is. I don’t think everyone knew what it was about. One girl who came in told her boyfriend to hold her during the scary parts. I always thought of Jordan Peele as just a funny guy, but he created a masterpiece. I am an english major, and in general obsessed with analysis, so of course I have a lot to say about the movie. I left the theater with a numb body and a jumping mind. Here are all the thoughts that cluttered my mind after the movie. There will be spoilers so if you have not watched, do not read. And please, if you have watched it comment your thoughts on it in the comment section below!


  • From the previews and from the start everyone thought the horror was the black people (servants and others) but it was the white people all along.
  • Rose is the Kim Kardashian of her family–she dates all these men, and even dated a woman once, to lure them back to her family home for the transplants.
    • By the way, how can she date these guys for months and never develop feelings or an attachment, she is truly emotionless and hollow).
  • I am so glad to hear Redbone by Childish Gambino. Not only is it a great song, the idea of being “woke” comes up a lot in society.
    • By “woke” they mean aware of the reality of your life and the world, which is why the husband and wife are always telling their hypnotized black projects to get some rest, and not think about resisting or challenging them or what’s going on.
  • I bet he dated another white woman after that horrific experience, or did he swear them off?
    • It seems like black men will always swear off black women if they have one bad experience, but white women are granted all of the chances in the world. Also, they feel like if they are dark-skinned they need to be with a white woman so their kids aren’t dark like that’s a bad thing.
  • I loved the commentary on professional athletes. In the end, Rose is googling top prospects in NCAA, which is taking a stab at all the professional athletes who date white women.
    • I spend a lot of time in the gym and I always say, there’s a lot of mixed children in basketball. That’s because many black basketball players date and marry white women. But more than just basketball, a lot of men in sports and men with money in general. it’s like they feel like a white woman defines their status or their wealth or their value. I don’t know.
  • The theater went from laughs and cheers to gasps, silence, and stillness.
    • People were really absorbing this movie and feeling the pain of the black body in this movie.
  • They displayed the death of the black man in the movie.
    • The scene with all the old, rich, white people pulling up to the house in their black Lincolns and other cars like a funeral. The chairs were also black, and most of them had on dark attire. The picture of Chris at the front also looked like something that would be on display at a funeral. All that was missing was him in a casket.
  • I wonder did Dre ever get saved, and where are all the other hypnotized black men Rose dated?
  • What does the Armitage family do when they’re not kidnapping, selling, and destroying black men?
    • Like, do they live normal lives and exist in society like they are normal beings? Do they have regular jobs? Or, do they kill everyday? What do they do when they are not doing transplants? Do they keep to themselves or have a facade of a normal family?
  • A mind is a terrible thing to waste, but you dump black ones in the trash. Literally.
    • I also believe UNCF (for black students) made that slogan, which is ironic because they are destroying all these black young minds in the movie.
  • This wasting of the black brain and keeping of the black body also shows objectifying of the black body.
    • White people objectify the black body and treat us like nothing but property–something they own, sell, and inhabit. That’s it. We are not people to them.
  • There was an Asian man at the “funeral” and auction of Chris.
    • There’s an asian man there with all of those white bidders because they are often considered “second” in society after white people, which is ironic because they are minorities as well. However, there are some who live white and are racist to others.
  • Chris has a great best friend.
    • He was also very funny. i think it was a nice balance for all the darkness and bleakness in the movie. Some comic relief is important. His scenes were so great.
  • They also displayed the enslavement of the black man.
    • They had the cotton picking out of the chair and the leather restraints on his wrist and ankle. It was interesting though how the cotton ended up liberating him or saving him in the end from the enslavement/hypnosis.
  • Dean was obviously talking about black people when he expressed his hate for deer.
    • he said they destroy the ecosystem, he wants them eradicated, and he is happy when he sees dead ones on the side of the road. This is how he feels about black people.
  • I also love that the deer antlers is what causes his demise in the end.
    • Chris uses deer antlers to kill Dean, so it’s like he and the deer are one in the same since after all, Dean meant black people when he said deer.
  • If you hate black people so much, why do you want our bodies?
    • Cultural appropriation at its finest.
  • Are our minds not good enough for you?
    • I know they put their brains in black bodies so they can live on in some weird way, but I know deep down it’s a comment on whiteness and their superiority or idea that they are the most intelligent beings.
  • Oh, I’m not racist. I voted for Obama and love Tiger Woods!
    • oh, shut up, racist.
  • When they asked him if he thinks it’s a disadvantage or advantage to be black I just shook my head.
    • Like, are you serious? Are you dumb? Get that transplant and walk down the street and find out. Except you can’t find out because your brain is in a kidnapped body.
  • That tea scene showed the role of each race and gender in society.
    • Dean had the most tea, the wife had the second most, the daughter had the third most, and Chris had the least. This shows how the white man holds the most power, then white women, then black men. However, Georgina possessed the most but she wasn’t given a cup. But, if she had the cup she’d have the most power or value or whatever the tea represents. I also noticed she seemed to try to give Chris the most, meaning black women give their all to black men but they get nothing in return and often are shunned for white women.
  • If you love the black body so much, why do you keep killing us?
  • Dean’s weird lecture over the fire reminded me of the Phoenix.
    • Him and his rant about fire and all that stuff reminded me of the Phoenix bird for some reason. I don’t even know why. Then the Phoenix made me think of rebirth, which is what they’re trying to do putting their brains in black bodies. Too bad fire (from when Dean knocked over that candle) probably ultimately made the house crumble to ashes, and unlike the Phoenix, there was no coming back.
  • I would hate to live in a hypnotized state for the rest of my life while some disgusting white brain takes over my body.
  • The sunken place is scary.
  • Now I get what the transplant means, the control white people take over the black body.
  • Or, maybe it means whitewashing ourselves to give ourselves value or to be accepted.
    • You start off dating a young white woman, then you end up with an old white woman who is second in power to the white man, which makes you feel respected and prominent.
  • Why did they make the grandparents the servants of the house if they’re their grandparents and parents? Because they’re black?
    • I thought the whole point of the transplant was to keep the grandparents alive, to spend time with them, to let them live on, because their personalities are still there. But, they just make them servants and treat them like servants, not like the people they used to be at all.
  • The movie shows generations of racism and hatred.
    • People always say will racism ever go away and I say it never will because it’s injected into the veins of racist parents’ children generation after generation. Rose and her brother were in this disgusting business from a young age, so they grew up to be heinous just like their mother and father.
  • Detectives should take all cases seriously.
    • I know TSA, Rod had me cracking up with his theory about sex slaves (which I’m sure they have sex because one wife comments on if black penis is better) but I would have looked into it. It was a very deadly and tragic situation. Luckily he survived.
    • He’s TS Motherfucking A! Haha. He came through for Chris though.
  • It was so sad, but so real, how Chris threw up his hands when the police car appeared even though his girlfriend’s family was trying to kill him.
    • Black people are always seen as criminals in the eyes of the police and society. Even when they hit the deer and he was in the passenger seat, they were being hostile with him until his white girlfriend saved him (for her own sake).
  • Rose trying to play victim reminded me of Taylor Swift (and many other white women) and how they get black men killed.
    • She just shot at her boyfriend and then she cries for help when the police arrive. Taylor Swift plays the victim card all the time, even though she’s a malicious hypocrite. White women always victimize themselves and get black men arrested and often times killed.
  • If you are not helping, you are a part of the problem.
  • Often times, if someone has racist parents, they have racism in them. I know it’s possible to be different from your parents, but there’s often some warped sense of race in them somewhere.
  • There’s often a motive when a white girl dates a black guy, especially if her parents are racist.
  • I would have got out of the house as soon as I saw Walter running like a maniac. Actually, I probably would have left after that awkward dinner.
  • Can white people be allies? Real allies?
  • It’s sad that we live in a world where you have to think about if someone’s parents like your color.
  • It’s crazy how trauma never worked through can dictate your entire life.
    • After his mom was killed in a hit and run, Chris refuses to hit something then leave. With the deer, he ran to it and checked to see if it was okay. Even with Georgina, he was running for his life because his psycho girlfriend was shooting at him, but he just had to stop to save Georgina after she ran in front of his car, which almost led to his death.
  • So is it the black body or the brain you don’t like?
    • they hate black people, but they’re okay with inhabiting black bodies with their minds. It does not make sense. You’ll wear the skin yourself, but you hate it on others. I guess it’s jealousy.
  • It’s interesting how the dog was a nice brown color, like a mixture of Rose and Chris.
  • Rose does not like to mix colors and white though, like with her weird cereal eating habit. Eating dry cereal then taking sips of milk. Apparently she doesn’t understand the two mix inside.
  • I wonder if she ever has sex with her “boyfriends”, or if she’s so full of hate she does not want to allow their black into her white.
  • That’s interesting that Jesse Owens won during the Aryan idea that went around. It made me think of events that can be rigged by the government for political purposes.
  • The movie wasn’t scary in a Freddy Kreuger or Scream sense, but it was scary because it was real–that situation is the reality of the world for black people.
    • However, who knows. There might be some lunatics out there doing things like this.
  • However, that deer scene scared me because it caught me off guard.
    • You could even hear someone in the theater’s foot stomp as they got scared as the deer hit the window. haha.
  • They have deer heads up in their house, but what they really want is black human heads up.
  • I hate you, but I want to be you. (dreadlocks, music, fashion, everything in black culture that white people appropriate)
  • extreme cultural appropriation (satirical appropriation).
  • The Armitage family had a bunch of old pictures of white men in their home, probably racist men.
  • This idea of black men just being physical “beasts” also alludes to the idea of professional athletes.
    • The reason sports are so popular is because they are for white entertainment. They get paid so much and are welcomed into sports because white people see them as physical beings who can entertain them.They see them as “dumb jocks”which is why they want the bodies, but dump the brains because they think they’re smarter.
  • I wonder if these weird transplants could change evolution
    • By this I mean by putting white brains into black bodies, will that change how the white body is constructed over time in evolution, or is what I’m saying nonsense?
  • Thinking all black people are physically superior is racism or stereotypical itself.
  • I could totally relate to Chris being in a room full of white people. You seek out those other black people just for physical/visible/skin solidarity.
    • you just never know how white people are going to react to you.
  • The missed social cues can be related to how black people have to butcher their culture and identity to mix and blend with white people.
    • Georgina didn’t understand what snitch or rat out meant, and then Dre’s body didn’t understand “dap” or giving knuckles, which is common in black culture, so Chris felt he would relate to and be able to make him feel less alone. But, it just created more isolation between him and everyone else at the  “funeral”.
  • I think I forgot to mention this, but they literally auctioned off a person like a slave.
  • Rose is the biggest traitor ever. She acted like she was on Chris’s side, but the whole time she was just like her family.
    • It all makes sense how everything turned out the way it did in the movie. She took him for a walk so he wouldn’t see the auction. She doesn’t let police see his identity so he’s not connected to her when he disappears, and so on.
  • Rose shows how white women always turn on black men, or that they were never on their team in the first place.
  • Or, when the go and gets tough, white people abort mission and move on with their privilege.
  • Never be passive when your friends or significant others are being racist.
    • Chris tried to laugh off way too much in the movie that was alarming and inappropriate and racist. He should have said something. You are willing to have your identity and existence be bashed to impress some chick’s parents?
  • Like Rod said, be careful going to a white significant other’s house to meet their parents.
    • Chris obviously knew nothing about them. Like Rod said, she must have been licking his balls or something for him to go. But then again, it’s 2017, we are not expecting the racism. However, nothing has changed, so we should have our guard up.
  • Back to all those other pictures of men, and to Dre. Chris got out, but not everyone does, especially when you are black.
    • Survival is slim in a black body. I wonder did Chris go back to find Dre, did he report it to the police, and whether any of the other men are alive or dead and what their life is now.
  • Old house, old pictures, old television, old views/eye on the world…
  • The family business of racism.
    • Racism runs in the family, and it does in the movie. Rose is the one who lures the men in. Missy hypnotizes them. Jeremy is the father’s assistant,the kidnapper, and the next surgeon. Dean is the surgeon/ “mastermind”. The grandfather started it all though.
  • I wonder was it Rose’s idea to lure them in, or if her father told her to start dating them, and what age did they start prostituting their daughter.
    • Someone kidnapped Dre, so obviously all those pictures Rose has isn’t all of the victims they’ve taken.
  • People were in the theater laughing at some parts that I saw as references to racism and black people, so I’m like do they know what’s it’s about, do they not care, do they agree, or is it nervous laughter?
    • For example, the daddy talking about deers.
  • The movie also dips into colorblind racism.
    • The guy who buys Chris says, it’s not about color! They always say they don’t see color or things like that, and that guy literally cannot see color but he still contributes to the suffering of the black body with his privilege and money and his enslavement.
  • Rose was giving me Fifty Shades Anastasia Steele vibes with the bangs and blue eyes.
  • Jeremy was pretty bad looking, sorry for this superficial thought but geez. ha.
    • I always expect the younger brother who moved away to be good looking, but Jeremy looked so bad and weird and disarrayed. I see why he is so jealous of black men.
  • I expected Jeremy to be an ally.
    • Usually in movies the younger brother who seems weird and kind of like an outsider ends up being an ally in the end, but because it was a black man, nope.
  • The music Rose listens to while she thinks her boyfriend is getting his head sliced open is so creepy. She is emotionless. Like, is that a surgery he performed on her to get her to be so detached?
  • There’s also weird jolly music playing when Jeremy kidnaps Dre. Why?
  • The kids do the risky and hard part of dating and kidnapping, and the parents do everything out of their home.
    • Maybe it represents what children do for their parents, or the roles children take on as their parents get old? Or maybe young people are more explicit while adults are more hushed.
  • The Armitage family is a bunch of weird and crazy people with abnormal strength.
    • Jeremy gets his head bashed with some hard ball and he walks all the way to the entry area and attacks Chris. He was laying on the floor in a puddle of his blood, how did he get up from that? Then Rose gets shot with a shotgun and she doesn’t die, she tries to grab her shotgun and kill Chris. Dean must have performed some sort of surgeries on them as kids.
  • The purpose of killing the family is to show racism and hate cannot be eradicated unless a whole bloodline of a racist person is eradicated first.
    • Chris couldn’t keep any of them alive because they’d just continue the business with a new family.
  • Can friendships and relationships happen and last and be real if the people are unequal? (ex: interracial relationships)
    • Maybe, if the other person with privilege fights for their oppressed significant other, but often those with privilege will hide in the shadows while their loved one fights alone.
  • A black hero, and it’s a TSA member. I’ve never cared for TSA until now. ha.
  • That police car scene was chilling.
    • If it would not have been Rod, it would have ended a lot worse. A dying white woman and a black man. Chris would have probably been killed. Thank god for good best friends like Rod.
  • White people cannot stand to lose, especially to black people.
    • The country was constructed very carefully so that black people can never get ahead of white people. There’s systemic racism, ecological racism, institutionalized, and so on all put in place to make sure black people stay under white people and that white people stay on top. It impacts health, life,finances, and everything. Walter, the grandfather, was so pissed he lost a race to a black man that he started this weird transplant business and has kept it going in the next generations.
  • Lastly, the power of art…
    • This movie itself is a masterpiece and is great for all it has done, but the photography in the movie as well. It saved his life. It also made another person want to kill to be able to produce art.

Lots of thoughts, let me know which you agree/disagree with and what you thought of the movie below! And subscribe below as well! 

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3 thoughts on “Get Out: Leaving the Theater with a Numb Body and Jumping Mind.”

  1. I had to stop reading! lol. (TOO MANY SPOILERS!) I really want to see this movie. I saw the ad first, and really, thought it was a psychological thriller/horror… then, later heard Jordan Peele was a part of it… WTF? Really? Okay… then I was REALLY interested…

    I am working on a few blogs about race, so it will be interesting to compare your thoughts to mine after seeing the movie. Wish I could say more… but, well, it would be more than what the little reply box could contain… 😦

    I will be back… but unfortunately, probably not until it is on video. lol.

    Thanks for the preview though! 🙂 Glad you liked it! I have a feeling it’s going to leave me with the same sort of out-of-body sense that “The Purge” did… (i.e. people really think like this???)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! It’s a really great movie! I hope you get to see it! And yeah. I did not expect this from Peele. But wow. I have heard nothing bad from anyone. It had a 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes but it went down to 99%. But it’s amazing. Everyone is like just struck by it.

      Liked by 1 person

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