Muni Chronicles

Muni Chronicles: Just Open a Few Windows!

San Francisco is a public transportation friendly city. I don’t know how to drive, but even if I did I would still ride the buses, the monorails, the trains, the trolleys, and the cable cars because it is simply so much easier to get around! Plus, you save a lot on parking prices. With public transportation though comes lots of rare experiences. And, San Francisco public transportation, known as Muni, is always full of rare experiences. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes cute, sometimes bizarre, sometimes random, sometimes weird, sometimes scary, but always story-worthy. Every time I text my family about what my eyes and ears experience on the bus, my dad always says, start writing about it on your blog. So, I finally did! Here’s my segment known as the Muni Chronicles, where in different ways I re-tell all the memorable Muni stories I experience day-to-day in the city. Enjoy!


What do you get when you combine marijuana and a bus full of passengers? No one got a contact high (I don’t think), but we did get a stand-off between the smokers and the bus driver.

If you didn’t know, smoking of any sort is not permitted on buses. It’s not even permitted within twenty-five feet of bus stops. But, these boys thought they’d get away with it with an open window at the back of the bus, taking “sneak puffs”.


…Three teenage boys get on the bus on Market Street…

The smell of marijuana begins to slowly swim through the closed rectangle space of the bus. The bus driver peeks into his mirror then hits the brakes.

“You guys need to get off of the bus,” He screams.

“Okay, we’ll stop,” One of the boys says while coughing.

The bus driver then angrily throws his seatbelt off at the next stop and gets up and screams for them to get off the bus again. Everyone is looking back and forth from the boys to the bus driver. They do not get off though. They put their joint away as coughs escape their bodies.


“Get off the bus! I am not moving until you get off!” the driver said in a thick accent.

“We opened the window!” The boy said back.

“Yeah, we’re fine. Nobody is complaining. We’ll be fine if we just open a few windows,” one of the passengers that wasn’t with the boys said.

The bus drivers goes back to the front of the bus frustrated.

“If you get back under the steering wheel and drive fast, the smoke and smell will clear up from the windows,” one of the smokers said.

The bus driver goes back to his driver seat defeated, and continues the route.

From the back of the bus coughing continued, among other things until they got off.

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