A Day In My Life

Evaluate Your Luck.

You are luckier than you think if you have all your limbs and senses.

Leaving the Westfield on the escalators and a blind woman almost starts walking down the escalators going up. The fellow on the escalators in front of me guided her to the right side.

Then, once I get out of the Westfield and wait at the bus stop, a homeless man in a wheelchair with one leg gets too close to the edge and falls over into the street. A Mercedes stopped just in time to prevent running over his head. It was incredibly close. Inches away. Out of the 20+ people at the bus stop only me and another girl, along with a man riding down busy Market on his bike who stopped, ran over to help us get him and his wheelchair up and out of the street and call the ambulance and wait until they arrived.

Remember, you are luckier than you think. And, when you see people in trouble help them out. And never forget to be grateful for all you have, even things taken for granted like your limbs or your eyes.

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