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What I’m Doing With My English Degree. 

The closer I get to graduation, in May 2018, the more my mind and future becomes clear and concrete. A few things are for sure so far: I will be staying in the city after graduation, I will be striving to get a book I’ve been working on published, I will continue my Master’s and Doctorate at the same institution, and I will become a teacher.

But, I won’t become a teacher right away. My plan has always been to do teaching and writing at the same time. But after school I don’t want to continue to overload myself. I decided, I got a degree in English( with a writing emphasis) for a reason-because I love writing and want to give that sort of career a shot. Plus, I need to be able to afford to live in the city I desire. So I have decided to strive towards working in the writing profession( my current dream is to be a screenwriter, preferably a game writer) then later on after I am completely done with my graduate degrees and ready to enter the classroom, I will become a teacher.

So yes, that’s life after college. Well, at least life after my undergraduate degree in a nutshell. I know graduation is still three semesters away, but time runs fast and I like to be prepared.

So excited to see where my writing takes me!  Yee!

My next goal to make this dream come true:

– find an internship in screenwriting because game writing is a hard job to get, and it will be impossible without experience!

– start saving money (something I’ve been meaning to do forever, and something that is important regardless of where my life goes after college.

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2 thoughts on “What I’m Doing With My English Degree. ”

  1. Best teachers are the ones with interesting stories. 😉

    Mine was a history teacher… never forget him. Said that he came of age during the Vietnam era… chose Navy when he was drafted. Why? He knew his history. lol.

    My hero. 🙂

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    1. Yes! It just makes teachers so much more passionate when they really lived and breathed that subject. I will be the best writing teacher I can be, just like your history teacher, by truly immersing myself in my subject and passion.

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