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Tragedy Struck Our House Tonight.

Wow. Four days into 2017 and tragedy struck our house. Literally. Heard a loud, screeching, car. But I thought it was paranormal activity when the cabinets crashed and the stove and refrigerator flew forward, but it was a driver in a mustang who went through our fence and into our kitchen. She lost control of the wheel. Thankfully no one was hurt, but the side of the house will be needing some repair.


So glad my sister, brother, mother, and father responded quickly and efficiently and made sure me and my nephew were safely out the living room, called 911, and called insurance. I am glad our dogs tried to do everything they could to help and protect us as well. And I am glad the cops got here as quick as they did.

She tried to get her car out, then when that failed, she tried to run, but luckily my sister stopped her with something I am against (but something I’m now thinking households should have).

Then she didn’t even apologize. The only thing she said was don’t call the cops because she doesn’t have a license.

Crazy. Tragedy struck our house. But luckily everyone is okay. And everything will eventually be okay.

The one downfall to having a corner  house.

But, everything happens for a reason I believe.

I never post things like this because I don’t care for sympathy or pity. But I’m posting this because it’s so crazy, but also to show you all that it can happen to anyone at anytime, and you must be prepared.

People, be careful when you are driving. Do not drive under he influence, while angry, or under any other factor that hurts your driving.

And also, be prepared for things like this. Have a safety plan, know what to do, have some sort of weapon or tool for protection in your home, and look out for each other.




4 thoughts on “Tragedy Struck Our House Tonight.”

    1. Thank you! And yeah! That’s what my sister said. If anyone was in the kitchen they could’ve been hurt. But she tried to run. Didn’t bother to see if anyone was killed or hurt or anything. Her boyfriend was the only one that apologized and he wasn’t even in the car or anything.


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