A Day In My Life

Tragedy Struck Our House Tonight.

Wow. Four days into 2017 and tragedy struck our house. Literally. Heard a loud, screeching, car. But I thought it was paranormal activity when the cabinets crashed and the stove and refrigerator flew forward, but it was a driver in a mustang who went through our fence and into our kitchen. She lost control of… Continue reading Tragedy Struck Our House Tonight.

Reader Recognition

Recognized Reader: Kori

Time to recognize a reader. Someone who’s been active, engaging, and supportive on my blog all last month and has gotten my attention… The recognized reader is fellow WordPress blogger, Kori!  (a picture that represents her) A Little About Kori:  She loves tostadas She loves animals, even though "she is probably allergic to half of them". Her… Continue reading Recognized Reader: Kori