I’m On YouTube!

Click here to subscribe to my YouTube! My first post will be next Sunday!

Big and exciting things are happening on my blog in 2017. The first of many great announcements is the introduction of my YouTube! I have officially joined YouTube and I would love for you all to subscribe to it!

If reading pedantic posts all the time is not your favorite type of tea, maybe listening and watching in a video will! I am trying to accommodate ALL readers because your support and comfort is important. So, all of my current posts will be turned into videos and posted sporadically, and then all my future posts will become videos as well, even the one liners.


However, even though I post multiple days on my blog I will only be posting videos on one day (Sunday) on my YouTube.


So,subscribe  here for videos for my blog and more!


Again, thank you all for your support in all of my writing endeavors!



Amie the Author


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4 thoughts on “I’m On YouTube!”

  1. Don’t know if I will follow you into YouTube land, but I think it looks like a lot of fun and I wish you the best! 🙂 I think there’s a definite advantage to visual/verbal versus written media – at least as far as ideas go… sometimes, a short video can speak to someone far easier than trying to keep a written post to 500 words or less.

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    1. Yes! And that’s fine! Different mediums for different people! Thanks for supporting my written blog though! Being in my classes has reminded me, people absorb differently. And I finally found a way to record myself where I won’t feel weird. Lol. Glad to finally be starting it after saying it for so long.


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