Happy New Year Readers!

I was going to post this at midnight last night, but trying to frantically post to all of my social media accounts (and I still think I forgot Twitter) I decided anytime January 1st would be fine. Haha.


So, happy new year to all my readers! I hope 2017 is your best year yet. Thank you all for your support and love in 2016.


Amidst the tragedy, elections, challenges, and other themes of 2016 one great thing that happened was that I had a thriving year for my blog, and celebrated its first year blogiversary!


Thank you all for supporting, and thank you to those who follow me on my blog journey into 2017.

I don’t have any resolutions because they always fall through. I simply aspire to continue to grow, learn, and achieve in the new year. Do you have any resolutions, big news, or things coming up in the year?


Wishing you all have a year full of peace, love, and positivity!



Amie the Author.


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2 thoughts on “Happy New Year Readers!”

  1. Um… pay more attention. Argue more. Challenge assumptions and fake news reports when cited. Don’t be silent. Attend rallies and protests when possible and necessary. I think that’s it. Lol

    Besides that… keep a handwritten journal again.

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    1. Yes! I want to start writing in my journal again. I haven’t since I began blogging. And same. Protest more and challenge more. My journalism class opened my eyes to the media and their control. Great goals!

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