My Dreams While I Sleep

Paralyzing Dreams.

Philosopher-Neuroscientist Antti Revonusuo in Finland developed a theory that states, “The biological function of dreaming is to simulate threatening events, and to rehearse threat perception and threat avoidance”. These types of dreams are called “threat simulations”, and these type of dreamers are said to survive more often than other dreamers…

Imagine you open your eyes, and your eyes begin to roll around in your head like pool balls. You don’t know what is going on, and your mind cannot process it either. You try to raise out of your bed, and you find yourself pinned to your mattress by an invisible force. Your head begins to hurt and your sight becomes blurred, then blackened. Your body begins to shake and vibrate. You try to reach for your phone to call someone, and you cannot get your body to make the movement.

Sunlight begins to wiggle its way through a small crack in your curtains. You cannot open your eyes, but you start to feel the heat on your legs. Sunlight cannot save you though. You try to raise your head from your pillow and your body begins to spasm again. It happens again and again and again, every single time you try to save yourself. It’s worse than falling down a long staircase–instead of physical cracks and crunches to your body, you are being attacked from the inside. Your own body has turned against you. You just lay back and let your body do what it wants, even if it’s destroying you. Your breathing slows down, the seizures simmer down, and your eyesight returns. You blink and open your eyes and realize you just woke up in your bed. The seizures, the sorrow, the scary feeling–it was all a dream. A threat simulation dream. You stare at your phone and wonder, what would you do if this really happened? Because of the dream, now you know. Maybe you will sleep with your phone closer to you, maybe you won’t live alone, or maybe you will scream for help. You have options, the option just won’t be to lay there and accept destruction like in your dream. If a seizure decides to come, if you’re paralyzed in your bed, or if you simply feel helpless you know how to survive, you learned in your dream.


Thanks for reading! What did you dream about last night? What do you usually dream about? Or, what did you think of the post. Let me know in the comments below! 

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2 thoughts on “Paralyzing Dreams.”

  1. Yours is the 2nd blog I’ve seen written in 2nd person. lol. I got gigged for writing a story completely in 2nd person back in high school. lol. I was taking a writing course and the teacher said it was impossible to write an interesting story in 2nd person… lol. So, I wrote one… and submitted it to the school literary magazine… they said, “Great story! But you need to change it to 1st or 3rd person, stories can’t be in 2nd…” lmao.

    Thanks for proving it yet again. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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